Monday, May 10, 2010

Does It Get Any Cuter?

Because I have quite possibly the cutest ring bearer/nephew/godson ever,

It's only fitting that he has the cutest ring bearer outfit ever!

My mom and I found it at Burlington in Wichita a couple weeks ago and we tried it on yesterday - he absolutely loved it! His shirt will be tucked in and his pants will be pulled up, but I think this face says a lot:

My whole family was over at my grandparents' for mother's day, so he got attention from everyone! He was loving it! We haven't finished his pillow yet, but it's only going to add to the cuteness. My mom and I were originally going to make him a pink bow tie instead of the black, but I think it's going to be one of those things where if we get it done, great, and if we don't, oh well! The black looks fine. Now that we're almost down to the one month mark (on Wednesday!) I feel like a lot of stuff is going to end up like that. And I'm ok with it!

Where did you find your ring bearer's outfit?

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