Friday, May 14, 2010

A Fun Find

I said at the beginning of this week that I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to blog. Well, I guess the blog serves as a great distraction from studying for finals because I ended up posting every day! I don't even remember the last week that happened. By the time this post goes live, I will be done with my last final and officially be done with college! SUCH a good feeling! :)

I've been working on the tokens for this project recently, and I was using a circle punch I got from Michaels. Well, it broke, so I had an excuse to stop by the Michaels in Olathe on my way to visit David. It is, hands down, the nicest and biggest Michaels I've ever been to! I think I'm in love. 

I wandered down the wedding aisle and found a new line they've started. I hope all of the Michaels stores plan on carrying it eventually, because I think it's SUCH a cute idea!

It's called Mix and Mingle and it's all Gartner Studios (which is actually the same company as our invites). They have all different shapes of cards and envelopes and adorable little add-ons to make all kinds of different invitations, save the dates, cards, and tags.

Their inspiration projects were all SO cute! They had baby shower invites, save the dates, all kinds of stuff. I apologize for the quality of all of the pictures - They're all from my phone. I just had to share this discovery, though!

I (of course) love the damask line, but there are tons of different colors and patterns offered! If you're wanting to go the DIY route, I think this would be a really fun way to go. I'm actually trying to think of a project I have left that I could use these products for! I haven't come up with anything yet, but if I do I'll be sure to share!

Has anyone else seen this line at Michaels? If so, have you made anything using it?


  1. Yes, I've seen it and it's been around at the Michaels near me for a while now. I love their labels and used them at our engagement party!

  2. Congratulations on completing college!! I haven't seen that new line, but now you've given me an excuse to go to Michael's.

  3. Our invites that we got from Michael's were from the Gartner Studio line and we had the offsetting issue so I'm a little bitter towards them.

    However I did buy the corresponding programs and escort cards which so far we haven't had issues with other than the template they have for the programs didn't work real well. I sent them an email complaining about what happened with the invites and I will say they were very responsive and apologetic and did send me two packs of thank you cards for free.

    I think these are a great idea, hopefully the quality is better than what we got on our invites.

  4. I saw the Mix and Mingle at the Michaels in Jacksonville last year and loved it. Still don't have it in our Michaels though.

    And congrats on graduating college!

  5. You were in Olathe and didn't stop by to see ME! :) Next time you're in KC/Olathe call me!! I go to that Michaels and Home Goods next door to it all the time! It's so awesome and huge!

    Congrats on graduating!!


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