Thursday, May 20, 2010

My DIY Realization

It's no secret that I'm having a largely DIY wedding. I absolutely love my projects and I love that it will make our wedding original and "us." Sometimes I feel like I take it too far though and insist on doing something myself just because I know I can and I end up spending more money and time on it than it's worth. 

I honestly JUST came to the realization last week that it's OK if some of the things in my wedding are store bought. My mom and I were at Hobby Lobby and all of their wedding stuff was 50% off. I'd seen their pomanders there before, but of course had always thought to myself, 'I could make those myself so easily.' That may be true, but I couldn't make them for less than $5 each (which is what they were on sale for) and it may cost me a bit of my sanity at this point. So we bought the pomanders for my flower girls to carry down the aisle. And they're going to be adorable. And if anyone even notices my store bought pomanders instead of the insane cuteness of my two flower girls, they're ridiculous. 

We did add some hot pink ribbon loops so that they'll coordinate a little better with the flower girl outfits, but that's it! And like I said, who's going to notice with these cuties?

If you're a fellow DIY bride, have you come to the same realization?

PS - Speaking of DIY, I was the first DIY bride featured by Kayleigh at My I-Do It Yourself Wedding

You can check out the post here!


  1. Congrats on being featured!

    I haven't started any DIY projects yet, but I've purchased a few things for our outdoor wedding signs that I bought in the clearance section at Michaels. On some things it is so smart to just buy them and personalize them a little like you did with the pomanders. They look great :)

  2. I feel that same guilt when I see things that I could just buy at the store... esp my invitations! I was totally going to go diy but then I found PERFECT ones... for not much more than it was going to cost me anyway.

  3. You are great at the DIY projects and I definitely had a few for my wedding...though most of them were more just assembling type of stuff rather than coming up with highly creative intricately put together items. However, I always tell people when they want to do something themselves: "What's your time worth?" Half the time, for me, it's never worth it to try to do it myself in an effort to save money...I'd rather just pay more and have it done and done right!

  4. Oh I remember that moment- i felt like such a diy failure for ordering the bridesmaids bouquets, and then I realized I was insane to try it all! Good for you.

  5. Congrats on being blogged! I'm with you 100%. I STINK at DIY so I knew out of the gate that me attempting DIY, failing, getting frustrated and wasting $$ only to have to end up paying someone to do it anyway wasn't going to happen. It's freeing really.

  6. It's totally okay to buy! After making our daisy pomanders, I walked into Michael's Craft Store and saw very similar ones for $5 a piece (like you). I was kicking myself, because for the price I made mine I could have bought 8 of them from Michael's instead of having just the 6 I made. Oh well. Good buy!!!


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