Saturday, May 22, 2010

Warm Wishes for Two Wonderful Ladies

I don't usually post on Saturdays, but I just have to wish two of my very favorite bride blog friends a happy wedding day! It's hard to believe it's finally here - When we all first started talking our weddings seemed so far away. Now they're almost married and I'm only 3 weeks away! They've both made my planning process and blogging so much more enjoyable and I am truly thrilled for them! 

Em (at Burning River Bride) is so much fun and has the BEST sense of humor. She listens to me vent and is seriously one of the most supportive people I know. Her wedding is going to be absolutely gorgeous and her guests are going to have a blast!

Kristin (at Happily After All) is my long lost twin. We figured out through planning our weddings that we have insnaely similar tastes and personalities and we even in similar situations for awhile (finishing school and in long distance relationships). All of her DIY projects are going to make her big day so personalized and memorable!

I know you both will be BEAUTIFUL brides and I cannot wait to see the pictures from your big days! I'm so glad I *met* both of you and I wish you both all the happiness in the world! Enjoy every minute of today! :) 

Make sure you wish both of these ladies a happy wedding day!

David and I are at one of my 'real life' friend's wedding today and I was even asked to help decorate for it. It's the last wedding we'll attend as an engaged couple - I have a feeling there will be some tears (from me at least) as I picture myself getting married in 3 short weeks! Hope you all have fabulous weekends!


  1. Hope you have a great day! I got teary at our friend's wedding in March just thinking about our big day in the next year! :)

  2. I sure all of the weddings are going to be absolutely great. And made even more wonderful by the friendships made during the planning process. Even internet friends can be with you in thought.

  3. You're amazing!! I can't wait to have pictures to show you!! Hopefully I'll get some up from my own camera tonight onto FB so you'll see them then!!

    Now it's your turn!

  4. Awww thank you!! It's been a pleasure going through this journey with you and in less than 2 weeks you'll be a WIFEY too!! It's awesome :)


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