Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DIY Detail: Favors

Our favors were actually one of the first decisions I made in the planning process. I blogged all about what we planned to do in September, but didn't actually start worrying about the logistics of it until the week before the wedding. I knew I wanted to use tokens, but I just couldn't find any that were reasonably priced. It felt silly spending the money that would be going to charity on $45 tokens. Finally I came up with cardstock tokens. I already had a 2" circle punch and all kinds of cardstock and patterned scrapbook paper in our colors, so I punched 600 circles and glued two back to back to form our tokens. 

The process was a bit tedious, but David helped a lot. And we ended up with tokens that not only matched our color scheme exactly, but that also cost next to nothing. After the tokens were finished I slipped each of them into a small jewelry storage bag.

Next I printed off dozens of pages of the cards they'd be attached to. I was able to fit them 4 to a page, thankfully, but it still required quite a bit of cutting and corner rounding. 

I just used double stick tape to attach the token to the card, and ended up with 300 of these:

We put one at each place at the table. I figured everyone would see them this way, and since we had a buffet dinner, they made the tables look less empty without place settings. I wish I had a better picture of the little pop of color they added!

I made a scrapbook page that described both of the charities and had pictures of David and I with our loved ones that we chose to do this in memory of. It made it easier to see why these foundations in particular are so close to our hearts. We had a vase for each of them with signs in front.

Looking back, I wish we would've had the DJ announce what exactly our guests were supposed to do with them like I had planned to. It totally slipped my mind to ask him to say something, so I think fewer people 'voted' than we would've liked. I'm still so happy we did it, though, and that some of our favorite people were able to be at our reception in spirit.

Photo by BM S

What did you do for your favors? Was it something meaningful to you as a couple?


  1. That is very original and nice of you both.. great favor idea.

    We're doing a mixed cd of our favorite songs and songs we'll play at the wedding. Also, personalized fridge memo boards. I was able to win cd sleeves for the cd's and the memo boards in giveaways so our favors will cost us next to nothing too!

  2. What a creative and meaningful favor idea. I love it!!

    We did mixed CD's of songs that have been special to us throughout our relationship, we also put them at each place setting to help decorate the tables.

  3. I remember this idea! Looks like you executed it very well!

  4. As you know our main favor we did was the scratchers which was in honor of my grandpa who won the lotto on a scratcher when I was little and they always remind me of him

  5. Wow, what a sweet way to use your favors to help causes important to you. I saw your comment on our "real people in love" feature and came to check out your blog. I'm a new follower!


  6. Ok, that is such a cool way to do a charity favor. As much as I think it's great that B&G's offer to donate money to a charity in the name of their wedding guests, it always kind of bums me out that the guests are truly not involved in the process at all. What a fabulous way to incorporate them into the decision making personal, respectful and fun!

    You did a great job. And yes, I always say you need the DJ to make announcments about EVERYTHING you have going on at your event a couple of times to make sure everyone hears and gets involved. I wish we would have had him follow up on some of the announcements we had him make as well but overall, most things came together nicely.

  7. this is probably the best way I've seen a charity favor done. The scrapbook with info and background is beyond sweet. And giving guests a choice of charity really let's them feel involved too. great job! And your signs seem clear enough, even if the dj didn't announce it.


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