Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vendor Review - Tuxes: Gentry Ltd.

We decided to use Gentry for the guys' tuxes after seeing them at a bridal fair (and because one of David's friends works there). They were offering a deal for everything (including shoes) for $64 each and a free groom's tux with the purchase of 6 or more rentals for a wedding party. They're one of the nicest men's clothing stores in town, so that was a nice surprise! David paid for all of the guys' tuxes, and it was really reasonable.They had a huge selection of colors for vests and ties, and the tux options were perfect for what we wanted.

They looked really good together, and I was happy with the tuxes overall. We did different colored pocket squares for the two best men to make them stand out a little, and I really liked how the three different patterns (white for David, solid pink for the best men, and pink striped for the groomsmen) coordinated.

My only complaints are that they forgot to order the pocket squares when they put in the original order and that our junior groomsman's sleeves weren't the right length. They fixed the issue with the pocket squares and had them delivered the day before the wedding, and the sleeve issue wasn't entirely their fault since they didn't measure that particular guy. I do wish they would've done more to fix it when he tried it on in the store, though.

I was happy with the service and really happy with how the guys looked. I'd recommend them, but I'd also recommend that you double check your order and make sure they've got it down if you're adding something (like pocket squares). And if at all possible, I'd suggest having them measure all of the groomsmen. It just wasn't feasible with two of the guys living far away, and it ended up working out, but I think the results are better when you leave it up to them.

My rating: A-


  1. I'm really nervous about getting the right measurements for tuxedos. My groom, the groomsmen, and his father are all in England. So not only will it be someone else measuring them, they'll have to be converted to American measurements. Eeeek.

  2. Holy Cow! $65?!?! Mr. B's in a wedding this upcoming weekend & Men's Warehouse is charging $150 AND we had to try on 7 shirts because of holes, buttons falling off, etc. They're so cheaply made & ill taken careof - if we had time, I'd go back & change it but at this point - I'm over it.


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