Friday, July 30, 2010

Relaxation at The Royal: Our Cancun Honeymoon Part 3

We didn't spend the whole week laying around at the pool, although we might have if David hadn't gotten seriously sunburned the second day we were there. Being so close to the ocean we had to spend some time on the beach! 

Yep, I took a writing in the sand picture

The Royal has awesome lounge chairs set up just feet away from the water. There's nothing more relaxing than laying there listening to and watching the waves without being covered in sand. 

We spent an hour or so one afternoon playing soccer on the beach with a kid and his dad from Colombia. It was so fun and a nice workout - It partly made up for the insane amount of food we ate that week.. Or maybe not. I loved that the resort offered soccer and volleyball courts right by the water and had free equipment! The best picture I have of the soccer 'field' is in the background of the picture of one of the weddings we watched:

We saw at least three couples get married while we were there. Talk about a gorgeous backdrop for your pictures! I don't know if I'd be able to get over the half naked (usually drunk) people playing soccer and volleyball on either side of the altar, though.

Every night there were awesome shows in the lobby. They would clear out the center of the floor and each night had some sort of theme. They were so fun! We were so disappointed the one night that we missed the show because we fell asleep after dinner.

The first afternoon we were there we met a couple from England who were also on their honeymoon. I'm pretty sure we started talking because she asked what I was drinking and when I said 'a strawberry margarita' she asked what that was! Anyway, we saw them around and would say hi anytime we ran into them, but towards the end of the week we started hanging out more. It turns out they were staying in the swim-up suite 3 rooms down from us, so we hung out in the private pool right outside both of our rooms. It was so interesting to hear about their lives in England and how everything they 'know' about America is from watching Friends! 

We chose to do two 'big' activities while we were there. I had always wanted to go parasailing, so that was an easy choice. Our second choice was the 'Party Hopper' tour that took us into downtown Cancun to three of the most popular clubs there. It was one of the highlights of the trip for sure. There were SO many people and all three of the places we went were a blast!

(All of the pictures from the night are from David's phone - There was no way I was lugging my big camera around all night! Sorry for the poor quality)

We started at the Corona Bar which was the smallest of the three, but a LOT of fun! It was totally open air, though, so that combined with dancing equaled lots of sweating. 


Next we went to Senor Frogs. You can't go to Cancun and not go to Senor Frogs. I absolutely loved it! They have a bunch of songs that they get the crowd involved in and take people up on stage and stuff.



Last, but definitely not least, we went to Coco Bongo. SO. MUCH. FUN. Combine awesome music and dancing with acrobats flying through the air with Vegas-like shows - We loved it!

Our only picture of the night - Woo sweaty frizzy hair!


We paid a fee for both of us when we signed up that covered the cover charge at all three bars and all of our drinks for the night. We had heard that the cover at Coco Bongo was $50 alone, so it was definitely worth it. We had a 'waiter' that was with our group all night leading us from one place to the next and taking our orders. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you love dancing!

We bought both activities through our concierge/travel agency at the resort, but I don't think it was totally necessary for the parasailing. You can basically go down to them on the beach and hand them a $50 bill and they'll take it. We weren't required to go at a certain time, which I liked. I really enjoyed not having any set plans and being able to do what we wanted when we wanted.

The boat we were on is on the far right in the picture

I actually thought I'd enjoy parasailing more than I did. To get out to the boat you ride on a jetski, which is one of the most uncomfortable, bumpy, awkward experiences ever. When you get out to the boat the driver of the jetski holds on to the side while you climb over. You watch a couple people go before you, so you're riding around in this little speedboat on the ocean for 20 minutes or so. I've never gotten motion sickness in my life, but I was seriously about to puke. And then the guy on the boat who helps you get your harness on had me stand up and step into it and I just about fell over the edge when we hit a big wave. It was a little traumatic to say the least.

When we got up in the air it was much smoother, but I was still contemplating which way I should lean if I did in fact throw up while we were up there for the first few minutes of the ride. It was fun looking for sea life in the crystal clear water - We saw a sea turtle, but that was about it. Overall I'd still recommend it because the experience while you're up there is totally worth it, but I'd take some dramamine before hand!

I'll finish my recaps Monday with some pictures of the food and restaurants and more of the resort (and let's be honest, probably more pictures of us) and my thoughts about it all, but I'll leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from the trip for today:

Can you see me? :)

What activities/excursions did you choose to do on your honeymoon?

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  1. the picture of your ring on the drink is amazing! We had volleyball courts outside on the sand near our resort in Cabo, too and Mr Fix It loved playing with the locals and the staff members each day.

    And how cool that they had shows every night? What fun! You can see you guys are starting to get a little 'pink' in some of those photos :)

    I love it when you meet people from other countries, too. It's so great to interact about different cultures and it's true that a lot of countries think that America is like the shows they see on tv. My girlfriend went to Italy years ago and said that when they heard she was from California they thought everyone there looked like the people on Baywatch! So silly. :)

  2. What a great looks like so much fun and you guys look so darn happy in all the picturs! So cute :) Looks like you guys had a wonderful honeymooon!

  3. Looks like a lovely time indeed! I've never been parasailing...I guess when you live in FL and see people doing it as a touristy thing all the time, it loses its intrigue? I still have it on my to-do list though...and in a beautiful location like you did...that would be a great thing to do...enjoy that gorgeous water! :) Sorry you got seasick though! :( Haha, I do agree though, the transition from getting off of a jet ski and onto a boat can sometimes be tricky unless you've done it a few times. You get used to it after a while ;)

  4. SO nice! I'm loving the bright blue water! Parasailing sounds so fun! I'm glad you two had a great time! The club hopping looked fun too!

    We plan to go on a helicopter tour, snorkeling, and a Luau in Hawaii for our honeymoon.

  5. I am loving these recaps! It looks like you guys had a blast! I can't wait to hear all about the wedding in person, are you planning on coming back to lawrence at all in the fall/anytime?!

  6. The tour of the clubs sounds like so much fun and something I would LOVE. I went parasailing a few yeas ago and did NOT enjoy myself. Not something I would do again.

  7. Very beautiful and young couple doing lot of fun and enjoy on Cancun beach.

  8. Congrats on your honeymoon, seems like had a moment to remember. Here is some info on parasailing and other activities in Cancun if anyone is interested: Fun vacations in CancĂșn .


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