Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DIY Detail: Flowers - Part 3

I lied, I have one last DIY detail. This one was really my mom's project, though, and she did an absolutely FABULOUS job. Back in February my friend J (who I've talked about before and who is getting married THIS Saturday!) and I found some huge vases at TJ Maxx to use for the arrangements at the front of the church. We each bought one and I used them for our ceremony and she's using them this weekend for her's! 

I don't really have step by step instructions for this project, but I did want to share some tips for artificial floral arrangements. We saved SO much money by doing these ourselves and using artificial flowers. And my mom was able to finish them the week before the wedding, which saved everyone some stress!

  • When using a tall vase, you need something in the bottom of it to keep it from being top heavy. We used black river rocks from Dollar Tree - It was inexpensive and they looked great. I'm planning on selling them on Craigslist (so I don't have to ship them)

  • For arrangements at the front of the church/ceremony, you can use lower quality/cheaper flowers because no one will see them up close. Some of the 'filler' flowers were from Dollar Tree and people were still asking us if they were real!  

 You can see them in the background here - More explanation of the actual picture during recaps! 
  • To save yourself time and money, you can make the back of the arrangement flat. No one will see it from the back, so there's no need to add flowers facing that way.
  •  Repurpose the arrangements by moving them to the reception and using them as decor there - We placed ours on either side of the head table. You can see one of them on the right side of the picture.

I would defnitely recommend using artificial flowers for your big arrangements if you have plans to DIY them! I know lots of brides are against fake flowers, but they saved us lots of time and stress and they looked great! 

Are you using any artificial flowers?

*I'm officially finished with my DIY details! Tomorrow I'll finally get to start our honeymoon recaps, and as soon as I'm done with those I'll start our wedding week and actually wedding recaps. Our pictures are online and we should have the CD within the next few days!!*


  1. Wow you guys did a great job! I never would have guessed the were fake.

  2. Nice! Can't even tell they're artificial flowers!

  3. The main reason we used silk flowers for this project was to enable making the arrangements the week before the wedding instead of two days before, when we were concentrating on fresh flower bouquets. It really lessened the stress of that last week, The nice thing is, they last forever if you want the arrangements to grace your new home!


    When I saw your hubby at the game I immediately said, "where's your wife??!!!" (and then i SMILED, because you're married now!)

    Wish I could've seen you, but David said you were kept very busy with all of those munchkins! Miss you! Love you!

    PS- Thanks for stopping by the Mingle Monday - I love it! Hope it brings you some happy new followers :)

  5. I am using artificial flowers for all of my stuff including bouquets and bouts. Actually so I didn;t have to stress over it not looking good I am having a florist do them but it's still a huge money saver because she can make them between now and then and doesn't hafta worry about doing it the night before or whatever so it's more convenient. Also, the flowers I wanted tend to wilt quickly and my wedding is outside so that is another reason due to the heat.

  6. I'm using real flowers for my bouquet and David's bout but the centerpieces and wherever else I need flowers will be silks. I used to be against silks too, but I got to a point I wanted to be on budget and real wasn't in the cards for me, even a simple centerpiece! So, you'll have to see what we did because I think they are cute and easy!!

    I think those arrangements are awesome and your mom did a fantastic job!

  7. I'm using lots of artificial flowers too... for my bouquets, for my bridesmaids' wrist corsages, and for the decors. It's just the thing for my kind of wedding, which reception is taking place a week later.


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