Friday, July 9, 2010

DIY Detail: Hurricane Vases, Candle Holders, & Cake Stands

I've said it before, but I love Dollar Tree. There are endless possibilities for projects with items from there. Some of the things I got the most questions about and compliments on at the wedding were details made entirely from Dollar Tree products.

Last fall I happened to find this project idea on one of my very favorite home decor blogs (follow it if you're not already!) - A Dollar Tree version of a Williams Sonoma hurricane vase:

I already had several of those vases for the floating candle centerpiece idea I had planned, which actually ended up looking like this:

(Pretend all of the floating candles are lit - This must have been later in the night)

I was still looking for a third centerpiece idea to add a little more variety, so I just stopped by Dollar Tree and bought several of their candle sticks and turned a few of my extra vases into hurricane vases. I used E-6000 glue to attach mine, but in the tutorial I linked to she used hot glue. Either would work!

(This was on Friday when we decorated. No pro picture of it during the reception yet - I'll be sure to include one in my recaps!)

I love how they turned out and I'm even happier that they're being used again. My friend J is getting married on the 31st and she's using them to line her aisle with floating candles in them instead of the tall white candles. Afterward I'll use a few in our home and both my mom and MIL want one to keep. SO easy and so cheap! $3 for a big hurricane vase!

Well, I couldn't stop there. There are so many other options with those glass candlesticks! I love candle holders, so I grabbed a few glass ones the last time I was in Dollar Tree and created this:

(I apologize for the crooked picture and messy background)

I wish I would've thought of it sooner - Several of those scattered around our reception would've been so pretty! Thankfully, I did think of my third and final idea prior to the wedding. Somewhat at the last minute we decided to turn our cake table into a semi-dessert bar. We were originally supposed to have mini cheesecakes made by a family member, but that fell through, so instead my dad made his famous snickerdoodles and we had cream cheese mints and some other goodies in addition to our cake. We needed something to put everything on, and I really didn't feel like buying expensive trays or cake stands, so I made my own!

Them in action on the left side of the table

They were the perfect size and we'll be able to pull them out and use them for entertaining guests! I love projects that can be reused after the wedding!

Did you have any projects that you'll get to display in your home or use again after the wedding?


  1. What a great idea!! I spent sooo much money at the dollar store for our wedding. I bought all our frames for the table names there as well as all the candles we used. That place is a Godsend!

  2. You are so smart... I love DIY!!! I have always been a DIY kinda gal, and I could not agree with you more... Dollar Tree is the place to be! And just think... it can all be reused... even better! Have a wonderful Friday and even better weekend!

  3. Dollar Tree is awesome! We got tons of great things for the wedding that looked great but were super cheap. One thing we created was a photo mat guest book that we’re excited to hang up at home now that the wedding’s over.

  4. My wedding is July 31st and I just found your blog a little over a month ago. I wish I had found it earlier!! We're having basically the same wedding. Seriously. I have the same vases from Dollar Tree, damask table squares,black BM dresses...etc. I could go on and on! I love the hurricane vase idea! I might steal it for a few of my left over vases. I hope you and your new hubby are having a wonderful start to your marriage:-)

  5. we got an amazing amount of stuff from dollar tree! All our centerpiece vases and table number holders! Also we have re-used our centerpiece vases for formal dinners but I love your DIY treats trays!

  6. My bridal bouquet full of artificial flowers will be used as living room table centerpiece. I'm thinking of buying some fabrics to use as a few draperies at the reception venue. I'll reuse that and turn them into table covers, pillowcases, etc.

  7. Our centerpieces were all different shape/size glassware that I found at thrift stores - cheese plates, dipping bowls, etc. Most (but not all) were cut glass, and we filled them with blue and green sea glass. sea shells and votive candles. After the wedding, I took everything home, and have all of my entertaining glassware... and I totally set up a few centerpieces around the house! You can see the one in our living room here:

    Wedding projects that are useful after the wedding are awesome!

  8. OH man do i love the dollar tree!

  9. ohh, great idea, and they look great! and i know it's not related to your post, but your damask runner under your cake looks *really* it!

  10. Thanks for introducing me to a great new blog. I saw these hurricanes a while ago and I'm working on making some for myself.

  11. I featured your project on my Make It Yourself Monday feature this week.


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