Friday, July 2, 2010

Vendor Review - Caterer: Syl's Restaurant & Catering

I didn't blog much about what we were doing for food, mainly because it was sort of up in the air until about 2 months before the wedding. My dad is from a big German family from a small town, and they've always cooked for family weddings. The only thing is, my grandma had always been around to organize the whole thing. Since she's no longer with us, my grandma's best friend volunteered herself and my grandpa to do it. I was really excited about - It's delicious food and it would add a special touch to our reception. 

Well, just over 3 months before the wedding my grandpa made a comment about how he really would feel more comfortable if we had the meal catered. Logicstically, it was going to be difficult for them to either cook the food and then transport it here (3 hours away) or to find somewhere big enough to cook here. While disappointed, I totally understood where he was coming from. Luckily, my SIL has family that owns a restaurant and catering business just outside of Wichita. She and David's brother used them for their reception last July and all of the food was wonderful. We called them just over 2 months before the wedding hoping that they'd still be able to do a large catering order with such short notice. They said they could, and that we just needed to call back with a head count and our meal choices a week before the wedding. It couldn't have been any easier!

All of their food tastes exactly like a home cooked meal. I was SO happy with all of the dishes we chose. We did a buffet style dinner and served two meat options - BBQ beef and seasoned pork loin, a tossed salad, corn, mashed potatoes, green beans, and bread. The meal was the first thing I'd eaten all day (I feel sick when I'm nervous/anxious) and it was soo good! I wish I had some pictures, but we still haven't seen any of our pro pics. We got compliments on it from everyone!

One of the best parts of using Syl's Restaurant & Catering? We paid $6.25/person for all of that! And we had enough left over to feed all of our family that came over to open gifts with us on Sunday. There are very few good caterers in Wichita, let alone reasonably priced ones, but Syl's is absolutely wonderful! I'd recommend them to anyone!

My rating: A

*I've only got a few more vendor reviews, one of our tux rental place and one of our photographers. I'll post the tux rental place review tomorrow, but I'm going to hold off on the photographers until I get the pictures and can incorporate them into the posts. I'm hoping to start on the DIY projects that I didn't get around to blogging about before the wedding next week, so the posts will be a little more exciting! Thanks for sticking with me through these!*


  1. It was delicious food and unbelievably inexpensive. While we did have food left over, some of it disappeared from the kitchen, as we commented in the venue review. Food was served family style to the head tables AND the price included plates, cutlery and napkins. Awesome!

  2. I'd also like to add that I'm a vegetarian and still found plenty to eat! It was all very delicious!

  3. I thought it was delicious!!! I would have guessed it was more like $9-10/person after researching several other caterers. Zach and I might have to look into using them for our reception.


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