Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DIY Detail: OOT Bags

Whew, I don't know about you, but I'm excited to be (basically) done with vendor reviews! They're helpful, but they're so boring. I said I wanted to fill you all in on the projects that were finished in the week or so leading up to the wedding since I definitely didn't get much blogging in. 

We only had about 12 out of town bags to make, which made things much easier. I'd gone back and forth for weeks about what I wanted to put in them, but I just couldn't think of anything that was really representative of us or our hometown. My mom and I just ended up choosing some random snacks as we wandered through Sam's one day. 

We included a schedule for the weekend, directions from the hotel to the church, the church to the reception, and the reception back to the hotel, and, of course, a door hanger in each bag.
(If you're interested in your own door hangers, check out my etsy shop!)

We also included a water bottle in each one, with labels from here, personalized obviously.

We also included a Wichita Guide that had all kinds of restaurant and activity recommendations since most of our family got into town on Friday. We chose Chex Mix and Trail Mix as our snacks since they're not overly sugary and kids and adults both usually like them.

But we had to include one of our favorite snacks too! Each bag had at least one huge cookie from our favorite bakery in town. Soo yummy!

And that was it! I put some damask tissue paper on top and they were ready to go. Thankfully I have a wonderful SIL who was willing to drop them off for me, because it didn't quite happen on Friday with all of the 'excitement' going on with decorating.

I'm not sure of the exact cost, but I know they weren't more than $5/bag which was totally worth it to me. I think they're such a nice touch and they really show your out of town guests that you appreciate the effort they made to come. They really don't take much time to throw together, and they make a big impact!

Did you do OOT bags? How did you decide what to fill them with?


  1. You did a freaking phenomenal job on these...I love all the little details. So great and totally in line with your wedding details and colors :)

    I ended up converting my OOT bags to bridal party gift bags instead since we discovered that most of our OOT guests were either in the wedding party or staying at family member's homes that were not close enough or worth it for us to 'gift' them a bag. :)

  2. The bags look great! I used the same water bottle template.

  3. Very cute. We're doing the same except I'll probably use a grocery bag and turn it inside out or something similar to save costs.

  4. They look great! OOT bags are SUCH a nice touch...I agree. I always appreciate them so much, which is why we are definitely doing some for our wedding, too! :)

  5. Oooh - I'm stealing that waterbottle template. It's not really our wedding colors, but... close enough.

    Can I ask what kind of paper you printed it on?

  6. @ Dancy - You can change the colors easily! Let me know if you need help and I can do it for you. I just printed mine on regular paper and then put clear packing tape over them to seal them - Looks laminated, is waterproof, and is way cheaper than label paper. But I know most brides use waterproof label paper and just cut them to size. Hope that helps!

  7. Ooh thanks for the tip about the packing tape for the labels. I have my labels finished but thought I needed to buy weatherproof paper. This will make things easier.

  8. Nice!! Love the colors and the water bottle labels. We did OOT bags but had more than double your amount. My MIL offered to fund the project so I was aaalll about that lol.

  9. *Drool* Everything looks great, and your etsy shop is to die for!!!

  10. @ Miss Pupy Love - Thanks!! I'll have to start following your blog! Your wedding date is almost exactly a year after ours was! And there will be a couple giveaways from my etsy shop within the next few days so keep an eye out for that!

  11. OMG those bagssssssss! I want one just to put in my room and stare at. You are so good at making things visually appealing.


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