Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Relaxation at The Royal: Our Cancun Honeymoon Part 1

When booking our honeymoon in January, we decided to leave Monday morning instead of on Sunday, the day after the wedding. We had a couple reasons for doing so - First, we had several out of town guests who we don't see very often in town for the wedding and none of them had seen our house. Since we didn't leave until Monday morning we were able to have everyone over for lunch on Sunday and open gifts in the company of our families. We spent our wedding night in the Presidential Suite at The Marriott (the same hotel my girls and I stayed in the night before the wedding and that we blocked rooms at), slept in Sunday morning, enjoyed a room service breakfast in bed, and then headed home to meet our family members at the house. 

 We had a casual lunch and then opened our gifts. We were SO blessed! It was an incredible feeling knowing so many people not only came to show their love and support for us, but gave us gifts too!

I promise I was excited, just tired! I have no idea what David was talking about here, but it looks like it was serious, ha!

It was so nice to get to actually talk to our guests who traveled to see us. Both the rehearsal dinner and (of course) the wedding were crazy, so I didn't feel like I really got to visit with any of them. I loved that they stayed a few extra hours so that we could really see them!

Laughing at something my brother said - Typical.

BM S stayed in town for lunch/opening presents too and kept track of everything for us! It made any returns much easier (like the same candle we received 4 times!) since we had all of our gift receipts organized and it's going to be a huge help when we (finally) get our thank you notes written.

After all of our family left we were able to take a nice long nap. It was MUCH needed. After we finally got out of bed we ran some last minute errands for the trip and packed. All of that definitely was pushed to the back burner the week of our wedding, so it was a blessing we hadn't booked our flight for Sunday morning! The second reason we decided to leave Monday were the flight prices - Our travel agent let us know that Sunday morning flights are about $200 more each than Monday morning flights. (Hey, they aren't stupid! Especially during the busiest wedding months!) Flying out Monday we were still able to get to Cancun by about 3 PM and enjoy most of the day there.

My momma took us to the airport Monday morning so we wouldn't have to park either of our cars there and we were headed to Dallas! It was almost surreal knowing we were FINALLY on our honeymoon and we were officially married!

Cliche, but I don't care! Look how cute he is with a ring on his finger. :)

We had quite a long layover in the Dallas airport, but it was nice not to have to rush. We grabbed lunch and sat around for awhile - It felt like the first time in weeks we'd been able to do that!

We filled out the customs forms while we were on the plane and made sure we had everything together when we got off. We had heard from a couple sitting next to us (who were on their way to Cancun to get married!) that it could take up to a couple hours, but we got through within 30-45 minutes or so. We weren't in the Cancun airport for long, but we still had someone try to sell us a timeshare. David walked right past him, but he was trying to tell us that our shuttle wouldn't be there for another 10 minutes so we had time to talk to him. (They were actually sitting right outside waiting for us.) Don't get sucked into it! We talked to one of our friend's parents before we left and they told us they were talked into buying a timeshare down there a few years ago and they've been trying to get rid of it ever since.

The taxi/shuttle drivers in Cancun are insane, but we got to our resort a lot faster than we thought we would! We met another couple who was there on their honeymoon and was also from the midwest! It was fun to see them around the resort throughout the week and compare our experiences. We talked the whole ride to the resort and we were so excited when we looked out the window and saw this:

Life was good. And it got even better when we arrived at the resort! But I'll save that for tomorrow. :)

Did you leave/are you leaving the day after your wedding or did/will you wait until Monday like we did?


  1. Ohh so nice! Looking forward to seeing more pictures :)

    We're leaving for our honeymoon on the Tuesday after our Saturday evening wedding. We're headed to Hawaii and the flights were cheaper on Tues. We figure it will give us plenty of time to pack, prepare before heading out!

  2. We left on the Monday after our wedding as well which was the best decision we could have made. No way would we have been able to get up early the next morning to leave. It was nice having that extra day to sleep in and get our stuff together.

  3. We left on the Monday after also. Although the day before we drove from Michigan to Maryland. We were wed in Michigan. So it still was a little hectic. We had already packed for Florida before I left 2 weeks before. So we were pretty ready, but had to do 2 loads of laundry. It probably would have been better to do a Tuesday morning flight in our situation, but we were also constrained with my husband's remaining PTO days.

  4. I love this post! The day after our wedding was such a great day. We met some friends in the hotel lobby and had breakfast with them then headed home where all of our family was waiting for us. We had lunch and spent some time with them and they all left about the same time around 3 pm. That left us with about 4 hours to finish packing, go through our cards to scrounge for cash and check gifts :) and shower up to get ready for our flight.

    We left on Saturday night after the wedding (which was Friday night). It was great because we slept the whole way there pretty much to Australia. I think you did a good thing...whatever works for each couple.

    By the way, LOVE the ring shot! And fortunately, we did not get one duplicate gift!

  5. Sitting in my office right now, I'm so jealous of that water shot. I'm glad you guys had an extra day - we're doing the same thing. I can't wait for some down time.

  6. We left for ours the next day (although I can definitely see how stress relieving it might have been). The hubby started his new job the Monday after we got back (we got back Friday), so we needed those two days between to travel. Sounds like a nice day after, though!

  7. So smart to leave later, when you were more relaxed! We left seven months later, lol.

  8. cant wait to see more pictures! your ring is gorgeous!!

  9. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip! And yeah, we took a few ring photos on our honeymoon too. New rings on our husbands are too cute not to do it!

  10. You were SO smart to leave the Monday after. We left bright and freaking early the Sunday morning after and it was torture. Can't wait to see hear more!!


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