Monday, January 31, 2011

You Make My Dreams Come True: Cake

I’m really hoping to get my recaps finished within the next couple of weeks. The more time that goes by, the more I’m forgetting, so I’ve got to get busy!

After the toasts and finishing dinner we went ahead and cut the cake. We wanted our guests to be able to eat dessert while they watched the mother-son/father-daughter/first dances. I already wrote a vendor review for the lady that made our cake, but I’m still SO happy with it months later. She works out of her home, we got a great deal, and she does great work.








I also had a grooms cake made for David – It was a Jayhawk (of course) but they were able to make it into a Jayhawk referee. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but David refs a lot of soccer, so it was perfect! It incorporated two of his big passions, and although I’m pretty sure everyone at the wedding ‘got’ it, I printed a couple of pictures to sit next to the cake to kind of explain it.




We had kind of a dessert table set up and had additional sheet cakes, too. We ended up with way (way WAY) too much cake, but better too much than too little!

Sadly, I can’t remember which song we had played while we cut the cake. I know we did something standard/cutesy, but I have no idea which one. The night went by so fast – If I could offer advice to future brides it would definitely be to write down little details while you’re on your honeymoon, because as much as I hate to admit it, you forget things! It hasn’t even been 8 months and there are so many things that are already fuzzy in my mind.


file8629-edit by me
{edit by me – some of the recovered reception photos were unedited}

We got up there in front of everyone and realized we had no idea what the heck we were doing. We look so confused in the next picture.



file8633-edit by me
{edit by me}

We just cut out a big chunk, broke it into a couple pieces, and fed each other. The cutting may not have been very graceful, but the feeding definitely was. I am most definitely NOT a fan of having cake shoved in my face, and David knew it. And like most grooms, he wanted his bride to be happy, so I was fed nicely. :)

{On a side note, I love how my $7 DIY hair flower looks in these pictures!}



file8630-edit by me
{edit by me}

Next up? The dances!

*First 9 pictures in this post taken by Brandi Coldwell of Lola Jo Photo Design. Remaining pictures taken by Becky of Stamp of Life Photography with some edits (as noted) by me.*

Need to catch up?
We started on Thursday.
We decorated Friday morning.
The guys had their turn.
The girls stole the show
We got some fun bridal party pictures
We took care of the formal portraits.
We took pictures with the kiddos.
We spent time hanging out waiting for the ceremony to start.
The grandparents and parents were seated.
It was finally time for the processional.
A step back to the playing of the slideshow.
The ceremony started. (Part 1)
The ceremony continued. (Part 2)
The ceremony ended. (Part 3)
We had a little fun with our recessional
I shared our ceremony details
We made our grand exit.
And then made our grand entrance!
We listened to touching toasts.


  1. Oh I love your cake!!! I've always loved the homemade icing pushed look and I even wrote about that on my blog--if we had done cake. I still am not happy about the pie at our wedding, tasted like crap even though the sample pie was delicious! :( Oh well.

  2. Cake looks beautiful! And its great that you were both fed gracefully :)

  3. Holy moly does that frosting look delish (and super super cute!). I love it when wedding cakes are frosted that way. Also, way to go on the "non cake smash" -- I was set against it, too! ;)

  4. I love your cake!!! I am DREAMING of our 1 year anniversary so I can order a miniature of our cake. I think about that tropical carrot cake dream at least once a week!

  5. Your cake was oh so pretty! And we were just like you: no smashing please! ;)


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