Saturday, January 2, 2010

Make-Up Trial

I've blogged previously about having my mom do my make-up. Since I'm not going to be home again for an extended period of time before May when I move back, I decided maybe we should go ahead and do the trial while I was home for break. And what better time to practice than for New Year's Eve? I showed my mom these pictures as inspiration:

source unknown

And this is what we ended up with (before I did my lips):

It held up well, and still looked good at the end of the night:

I really liked the colors we used. If you click to enlarge the first picture, you can see how green the golds and browns made my eyes look. I love the look of false eyelashes, but I might try the individual ones. I had the hardest time getting the strip ones I used to look even (even though I've applied them several times for dance competitions and homecomings/proms).

Overall, I loved it and I think it'll look even better when I'm tan and have had my eyebrows waxed recently (oops!). I love that I have such a talented momma!

What do you think? Did you have a make-up trial done?


  1. Looks so great! I love the you a pop of beauty without being overdone. I have had two hair/makeup trials done by my stylist. And so glad I did it...the first one was 9 months before and the second was about a month ago. Even my stylist said she's glad we re-did the trial because she also wasn't loving the colors we used on my first makeup trial. So I think you are smart to start now. But this looks gorgeous!

  2. Looks great! It's always fun to try things out first, also very smart! I love the look of individual false lashes too.

  3. Great look! It looks really good. I am not sure who is going to do my make up, I am leaning toward doing it, but maybe one of my sisters can do it for me. I am not a make up person at all, I guess that can be another diy :)

  4. Oh wow! Looks great, girlie! I haven't decided what I am going to do with my makeup yet! Since I am having a destination wedding, I simply have to find something that won't sweat off! :)

  5. Your mom did a great job, very nice! :)

  6. The make-up looks awesome. I don't know if I would trust my mom with such a big task haha! I love her dearly but I just don't know! By the way...I posed pics of me in the two dresses on Weddingbee...

  7. I love it! You look beautiful! I haven't had one yet but am looking forward to it!

  8. It looks great! As a former bride, a word of advice - don't wear so much make up that you don't look like yourself. The makeup your mom did looked natural and still beautiful. You don't want to look at your wedding pictures and think "Who is that girl!?!" or have on so much makeup that 20 years from now your pictures looked dated. I think you should stick with what she did - it's beautiful! Another word of advice, keep lipgloss close to you at all times throughout the evening. Freshen up often so that your smile will always look fantastic for your pics (have a friend or wedding coordinator do this for you!)


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