Saturday, November 21, 2009

Decorating the Doors

I've seen so many cute ideas for door decorations. I love the look of a couple's initials hanging on the doors:

I may still incorporate these somehow, but at least for the church doors, I decided to go with something different. I also love the look of wreaths, but although gorgeous, wreaths like this just didn't feel like they fit with the feel of the rest of our wedding decor:

If you've been following my blog for long, you've realized I love ribbon and tulle. The possibilities of projects are endless! Coincidentally, I found wreaths made with ribbon and wreaths made with tulle.

I think this ribbon wreath is so cute:

I'd still love to make it, but I think I'm kind of running out of doors!

I ended up making this tulle wreath instead:

(Actually for Halloween)

I used the following supplies:

2 foam wreaths I found at Dollar Tree
6 in. wide black tulle on a spool (found on clearance after Halloween)
Sissors to cut tulle into ~9" pieces
Satin ribbon (not pictured)

I just tied the tulle in a double knot around the wreath:

And eventually ended up with this:

After awhile I ended up just eyeballing the length of the pieces, so after it was finished I trimmed some of them so that they were all pretty even. I realized about half way through that I could spread them out more and use less tulle, so I'm not sure exactly how much it requires. I used 2 whole spools and then a little bit of a 3rd one, but I probably could've gotten away with using less. I love how it turned out, and I love that it incorporates the tulle that we're using other places (like in both of the centerpieces).

I thought it needed a little more color, so I added a bow using a lighter pink ribbon:

I won't post a tutorial, because kmattso at Happily After All posted a great one not too long ago. If you need any help making bows, refer to her tutorial! I think the bows add a needed pop of color.

I still need to make the 2nd one - I think it'll look great with one on each of the church doors:

Are you going to incorporate wreaths into your decor? Or did you take another route?


  1. These look cute! I am thinking of making wreaths for our venue's doors, but not sure if that might be a little much for my limited DIY talents :)

  2. How funny, I'm working on our 'door' decor this weekend! And it's also funny that I bookmarked that same ribbon wreath forever ago! Great taste! ;-)

  3. i've never seen anyone make tulle look so good!!!

  4. OOOOHH!!! I love it! I have a TON of black tulle that I was going to use for a Halloween costume but never did. This might be a great way to use it! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. Those are way too freaking cute!!! And thanks for sharing my pic and tutorial with everyone! Now I need to find a reason to make one of those, they're so awesome.


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