Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Make My Dreams Come True: Dollar Dance

The dollar dance is another controversial wedding tradition, but it was one we knew we’d participate in. I’ve heard it may be a Midwest thing (or called something else in other regions) but every wedding we’ve been to has done it, and a lot of our guests expected it. We had so much fun with it, and our guests did too. It was so nice to get a chance to visit with tons of people individually.

To be honest, I have no idea what songs our DJ played. I pretty much left it up to him, and he did a great job of keeping the music going (even after he had to play a few more songs than we’d planned because of the number of guests who wanted to participate!) and kept the mood upbeat and fun. Anyway, on to the pictures!

{David’s younger brother’s girlfriend}





{BM S!}

{MOH A’s boyfriend}

{GM J}

{GM J’s girlfriend}

{Our wonderful SIL}

{My beautiful momma}

{David’s aunt with his mom looking on}


{guest photo}

{Love my mom!}

{My aunt and godmother who was a reader in our ceremony}

{My ‘little’ brother}

{My big brother}

{MOH A’s boyfriend}

{guest photo}

{guest photo}

I feel like I say this about every post, but these are more of my favorite memories and pictures of the night. I think I’m laughing in almost every picture! So don’t hate me too much for having a dollar dance at my wedding. :)

*All photos in this post (unless otherwise noted) taken by Becky of Stamp of Life Photography*

Need to catch up?
We started on Thursday.
We decorated Friday morning.
The guys had their turn.
The girls stole the show
We got some fun bridal party pictures
We took care of the formal portraits.
We took pictures with the kiddos.
We spent time hanging out waiting for the ceremony to start.
The grandparents and parents were seated.
It was finally time for the processional.
A step back to the playing of the slideshow.
The ceremony started. (Part 1)
The ceremony continued. (Part 2)
The ceremony ended. (Part 3)
We had a little fun with our recessional
I shared our ceremony details
We made our grand exit.
And then made our grand entrance!
We listened to touching toasts.
Then it was time to cut the cake.
We danced with our parents.


  1. We had a dollar dance at our wedding as well. I have always heard it was a hispanic tradition and since my husband is hispanic we were expected to do it. It was fun! I have a great picture of my husband and my dads best friend dancing. Its priceless!

  2. Dollar dances are common at my family's Pennsylvanian weddings and my southern family is not too traditional in the wedding thing so I'm not sure where its really from. Well, we did live in the midwest for years and yes - I saw it at ALL the weddings in Wisconsin.

    ANYWAY. LOVE the dollar dance. Love love love. When I told my DJ what song I wanted he said "oh, they go way past a song - it'll be 2 or 3." I highly doubted him but he was right! It was a slow start (as our New Jersey guests had no clue what was going on) but as they figured it out - everyone joined in! It was a great opportunity to get photos with guests and to actually talk to them!

    LOVE the dollar dance!

  3. So fun! This is actually the first I have heard about this. I can not get over how gorgeous you looked on your wedding day!

  4. how cute! but really... how can you write a recap on the dollar dance without telling us how many dollars you got?!?! ;o)

  5. We call it the money dance in Mississippi, and everyone pins money to the bride and groom. We didn't do one, but I know some people who have! Cute pictures!

  6. Nice! We completely forgot to do this dance. We were fully intending to, and have seen it at every wedding we go to, and somehow I managed to completely space it! I was so upset after I realized it. We had a couple people actually come up to us and tell us they had come prepared for it =[
    Oh well! Would have been some nice little spending money for the honeymoon, but they were all more than generous in their gift giving so no big deal!

  7. Haha I love the picture of David and I! Classic! Also great pic of MOH A with da money! ;)

  8. @ Katie - I meant to mention that, but forgot! I honestly don't remember how much we got, but I feel like it was around a couple hundred - We took most of it as the spending money on our honeymoon! :)

  9. I think this is a really old tradition, from many parts of the world. Brides often have a pretty bag/purse they carry from their wrist to hold the money. It's a way to congratulate and to help the newlyweds in starting out their new life together. I think it's very thoughtful and fun!


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