Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You Make My Dreams Come True: Special Dances

After dancing for the first time with my new husband, it was time to dance with the other important man in my life. My dad is my hero, hands down. He’s always supported me, and he’s been the dad that every girl dreams of having. David has so many of the same qualities as my daddy, and I’m so glad – He’ll be an incredible father some day.

When I was thinking about my dance with my dad (way back in December of 2009!) I blogged about our relationship and about the song I’d chosen. I also mentioned the slideshow I planned to make of the pictures of my dad and me. The slideshow was a huge success (although the execution of starting it on time was not so great – again, thanks to the employees of our awful venue) and my dad loved it!

{I have no idea why ‘girl’ isn’t spelled correctly in the beginning or why the text isn’t clear – It was in the one we played!}






The mother-son dance immediately followed our dance. David has always been really close to his mom, so it was nice to have a special time to honor their relationship. We made a slideshow of pictures of David and her as well, and they danced to 'My Wish’ by Rascal Flatts.





With the dances finished, there were only a few ‘important’ moments remaining. Up next is the bouquet and garter toss – And believe me, our guests definitely didn’t hate it! The pictures from the tosses are some of my favorite of the entire night!

*All pictures in this post taken by Becky of Stamp of Life Photography*

Need to catch up?
We started on Thursday.
We decorated Friday morning.
The guys had their turn.
The girls stole the show
We got some fun bridal party pictures
We took care of the formal portraits.
We took pictures with the kiddos.
We spent time hanging out waiting for the ceremony to start.
The grandparents and parents were seated.
It was finally time for the processional.
A step back to the playing of the slideshow.
The ceremony started. (Part 1)
The ceremony continued. (Part 2)
The ceremony ended. (Part 3)
We had a little fun with our recessional
I shared our ceremony details
We made our grand exit.
And then made our grand entrance!
We listened to touching toasts.
Then it was time to cut the cake.


  1. Slideshows during the special dances? What a good idea!!!

  2. I know this is kind of awkward but you both have very good looking parents! Good genes there :)

  3. Laura, the slideshows were such a great idea! I loved watching the one of you and your Dad. Totally wish I would have thought of that for our dances! Oh well...You are so wonderfully creative. Can't wait to catch up on more from your big day.

  4. What a fantastic idea!!! We had a slideshow that played over the course of the night, but I never thought to personalize it for the parent dances! Although, I will say watching yours got me a little teary, I would've been a mess for ours. Great job!!


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