Friday, January 15, 2010

Fit Friday

I've always been really self concious about my weight. I remember my freshman year of high school, thinking I was 'so fat' and almost crying when I tried on homecoming dresses. What did I look like then?

A heck of a lot skinnier than I am now! There have been multiple times that I've looked at a picture and remembered how badly I felt about my body back then, when in reality, I was a perfectly healthy weight. However, now, I can't say I'm at a healthy weight, and I want to be. Of course I want to feel and look better than I ever have for our wedding (and our honeymoon!), but most importantly, I want to be healthy. I want to make healthier habits regarding what I eat and how often I work out, which in turn, will make me feel better about my body and how I'm treating it. Now that we're under the 5 month mark (ahh!) it's definitely time to do something about it!

David is in this with me, and we're both setting goals for ourselves. I told him last night that I was going to blog about this so that you guys could help hold me accountable, but what he didn't know was that I'm going to blog about his progress too!

We started yesterday (well, Wednesday night for him) and it's gone well so far! He's planning on changing his diet and going to the gym at least 5 times a week in order to achieve the results he wants. He's at 210 lbs now, and his goal is 185 by May 1st, and then add 10 lbs of muscle by our wedding day (June 12th). While he admits 185 might be a little optimistic, he's going to try! He's had two good workouts so far, and he went grocery shopping for healthier meal options so he's not tempted by fast food. I'm changing my diet as well (no more fast food, pop only once a week, and lots more fresh fruits and vegetables) and am planning on doing some type of cardio every day combined with either an ab workout or push ups as part of the 100 push up training program. I don't have a scale (I'm buying one today, though, and I'll be sure to weigh myself) so I'm not sure of my starting weight, but I did run yesterday and did the initial test for the push up program. I ran just over a mile and did 22 consecutive push ups, so I've got a ways to go!

I figure if we don't keep up with it now, we never will. There's nothing like a wedding a honeymoon in Cancun to motivate you, huh? I'll try to update you on our progress (more for my sake than yours, probably!) and feel free to give me a hard time if you haven't heard anything! It will be good to have several people holding me accountable. :)

Here's one of the most recent pictures of us. I'll post a picture of us each month - hopefully we'll be able to tell a difference soon!

Has the wedding served as motivation for you (or your fiance!) to get in shape? What healthy habits are you starting?


  1. Thanks for following my blog! I'm a follower of yours now, too! Great blog and good luck with your new healthy lifestyle. I'm right there with you. I felt the same way in high school and now I would LOVE to fit into my Junior Prom dress. Good luck!

  2. Good for you two! It is so nice to be able eto work out and be in this together! My fiance and I are also eating healthier and working out together. Sounds cheesy but we both want to look good for our engagement session this spring! :)

  3. I'm rooting for you two! Josh has started P90X and he's hoping for 185 by our wedding in May. He's about 198-ish now. I need to lose a few lbs/inches because uh, my dress doesn't fit lol. I think I'm going to join a gym...ew. For the record, I think you look great :)

  4. Good for you guys! How awesome that David wants to join in on it with you! I do circuit training and love it! I never get bored!

  5. I'm SO with you! The fiancee and I are also trying to get on track with our wedding late next year. Since we have so much time,we're trying not to just go crazy, but start small now. For now, we're focusing on healthier food options...maybe soon we'll get the motivation to go to the gym! Good luck!

  6. good luck, me and my hubby are trying to eat healthier and be more active also... trying to make tasty, healthy food choices! Wishing you the best of luck!

  7. I am definitely alo on the eating healthy plan. I started it Christmas day (yeah i know right?!) so far I have lost 13 lbs (doing my booty dance lol!!) but I have about 30 or so more to go.

    ***beauty, love, frugality

  8. I'm the opposite..I'm skinny and I want to gain more weight for the wedding. Although I like my weight better last year, but I think because of adjustments on my new environment and work, that's why I got a little skinnier. Good luck on your goals. You can make it!!! :-D


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