Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We're Going on a Honeymoon!

Ha, if you knew how many times I told David to contact the travel agent we were going to use before he finally did it, you'd realize why it's so exciting that we ARE in fact going on a honeymoon! We met with the travel agent yesterday, and I think we now know where we're going! We both knew that we wanted somewhere warm with a beach. Before yesterday, we were considering a few different options:

The Riviera Maya - El Dorado Royale Casitas (where David's brother and SIL went on their honeymoon in July):


The Excellence Riviera Cancun:

Or the Sandals resort in St. Lucia (where my brother and SIL went on their honeymoon last November):

My SIL's personal photo

However, when we got there, our travel agent told us the El Dorado Royale resort has increased tremendously in price over the last year as it's gotten more popular, and that it's even more expensive around our wedding since we chose to got married in the busiest wedding month of the year. He said he loves the Excellence resorts, but that he thinks they're more geared towards older couples (more relaxation and romance, less action and activities). And the flights to St. Lucia were insanely expensive, so that was pretty much immediately out of the question. The more he talked about Mexico, the more we wanted to either be around Cancun or Playa del Carmen, so we looked at several different resorts around there.

We finally ended up deciding on The Royal in Cancun:


Didn't get enough pictures? Click here!

I love that the resort is adults only and is the perfect mix of relaxation and activities. There are plenty of things to do, there's shopping nearby (always a plus!), and there are plenty of spa/massage/relaxing options so that we'll come home rested and stress-free! Just looking at the pictures makes me SO excited for our honeymoon. I'm going to need a vacation after finals, graduating, moving home, getting everything together for the wedding, and getting married within a month. And they're especially tempting right now since it's been below freezing here almost every day since the end of November.

We ended up booking it just a couple days later. I'm so excited to get this checked off the list - I've been stressing about getting it done for awhile. We just need to get passports now - Neither of us have ever been out of the country! Is it bad that I'm almost more excited for the honeymoon than I am for the wedding?! Can you blame me after looking at those pictures?

Do you know where you're going on your honeymoon? What made you decide on that location?


  1. Beautiful! You guys are going to have so much fun! We didn't take our honeymoon because my husband had projects waiting for him at work right after our wedding. We are hoping to take a trip to Hawaii sometime in the next 2 years, since he's never been and I absolutely love it there!

  2. Gorgeous!!! I definitely don't blame you for being more excited for your HM! :D

  3. How exciting...looks great. You can almost never go wrong with Mexico :) We know where we are going and I am going to be blogging about it soon...I'm super excited about the destination, but we won't be able to stay in any super fancy resort type places like you are :( It doesn't really matter though since I am sure we will be out and about most of the time. And I too am super excited for the h-moon - just as much if not more than the wedding.

  4. It looks amazing!! I promise you where ever you decide to go, you're going to love it!! Just being on your honeymoon with your hubby is such a special and romantic can't go wrong anywhere!!

  5. Cancun is so much fun, if you wanna know some great places there let me know! Definiately a party town! LOL I would get your passports ASAP, there was 10 of us girls who went last summer and a few had time issues with theirs so definiately get on that ASAP!

  6. so very exciting! cancun will be beautiful!

  7. That's awesome!! We were suppose to go to Maya Riveria on vacation in May but when the Swine Flu broke out we changed our plans. We're going to St. Lucia for our's pricey but we're lucky b/c my brother is paying for it as a wedding gift.

  8. @ Laura - Yes, recommendations would be great! I meant to ask you on Twitter yesterday when you said you'd been there! And thanks for the tip on passports!

    @ SG - That's awesome! You'll love it! My brother and SIL said it was absolutely gorgeous, and they've been everywhere!

  9. So awesome! Planning a honeymoon will be so fun...and definitely great to look forward to considering its cold out right now!

  10. One of my friends went there and I saw the fbook pics and IMMEDIATELY asked where they went because it looked so amazing! You will have such a great time!



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