Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Could It Be?

Could our STDs really be finished?! After multiple layouts, months of indecision, and multiple issues with our supplies and printing, our save the dates are being sent out tomorrow! After we finally decided on and printed a design, I brought them home with me so I'd have some help lining all of the envelopes. We found pink envelopes at Hobby Lobby that were perfect, and I planned to line them with this paper:

The only problem? I left that paper at my house at school, and it was Christmas wrapping paper, so of course, none of the Hobby Lobby stores here had it anymore. I looked at multiple stores for something similar, and after 3 or 4 trips, finally found it. I went back to Hobby Lobby to buy all of our pink envelopes, and... they were out. Of course.

The next night we went to Michaels and found a pack of plain white envelopes and cards. I figured I'd find something to use the cards for, so we went ahead and bought them. I spent the next few days lining the envelopes with pink paper like this:

Bad idea. I should've waited to line them until after we ran them through the printer, because the added thickness was causing them to get stuck and smear the ink.

 Some of the maaany envelopes we ruined

And since we ruined so many of the envelopes, we ran out. So I decided to try Sams Club and Office Max to see if they had bigger boxes of envelopes (sans the cards). I finally found some that worked at Office Max, but didn't realize they were a different size.

Doesn't that look like so much fun?

Normally this wouldn't be a huge deal, but David's computer is having some issues, and isn't able to perform a mail merge, so I was having to do the mail merge on my computer, burn it to a CD, and then put it on David's computer that way (since, of course, my compuer wouldn't print to his printer for some reason). I had to do re-do the mail merge and change the layout so that it was centered on the new size of envelopes. Also, these envelopes had a square flap rather than the pointed one the other one had, so I made a new template for the liners and cut 100 more of them.

Just a small difference in size...

By the end of it, I found myself saying, "I don't care anymore" more and more often. No pink envelopes? I don't care. No damask liners? I don't care. Two different sized envelopes? Nope, don't care. Ran out of double stick tape with 3 liners to go? They'll never know they didn't get a pink liner on their envelope. I am SO ready to be done with this project, and to move onto something else! But, all that aside, I really am happy with how they turned out, and I'm ok with them not being exactly what I pictured. No one (except you guys!) will know that they weren't what I originally envisioned.

So, here they are:


Have you had a project that ended up taking forever to complete? Did you end up not caring as much as you originally did by the time you finished it?


  1. They look awesome! So happy for you!

  2. They look great! Congrats on getting them out!

  3. The look great! Must feel great to get them done!

  4. Yay!! They look great! Sorry you had so many troubles. We had printer problems, too. Not fun. We'll definitely print our DIY invites at a professional place.

  5. They look great. Like you said...no one will ever know that they didn't get the pink liner! They will all be more focused on the picture of you guys!

  6. They would have looked absolutely adorable in pink envelopes with that liner but oh well! They look just as fantastic now. And I'm sure you're more than happy to get them in the mail.
    I found that problem out about printing after lining too....Thankfully I was doing them in groups, so I've waited to line them until after now.
    I'm glad I ended up just doing postcards for the save the dates because I wouldn't want to go through all of this twice!

  7. They look GREAT! Wow, I can remember sending my STDs out... Crazy that it is almost a year since I have sent them out.


  8. I love the pink. It adds a splash of color. We are doing email save the dates so hopefully we wont have a big problem.

  9. They look so good! I sure know what all that drama/stress is like... I bet you are SO GLAD to have them out!


  10. They look so so good! I love the Save the Date cards you are holding in the pics...that kind of silly/fun stuff just always makes me smile :) I posted about our invites yesterday and we have a silly pic or two on our RSVP cards :)

    I get it about trying things you are DIYing and then just being over it when things go wrong. I have not taken on too many DIY projects - most of them are computer oriented. And printing stuff out has been a bit of a nightmare. For some reason, my printer at work prints totally different colors than any other printer I have access to. So I need to be mindful of that when creating things in our wedding colors. On top of it, the stupid printer tends to 'tilt' the pages so they are crooked a tad bit from where they are supposed to line up. I also worked for hours trying to perfect these things and then was just finally over it at one point. It hasn't been quite so bad since then and I am learning to not let things like a minor color difference bother me anymore :)


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