Friday, January 8, 2010

A Wedding Website

I always love when couples have wedding websites. I'm one of those dorks who reads through every page and actually does check back to see if it's been updated. I think it might be because I love hearing couples' love stories. So I knew I wanted our own wedding website. Aside from me wanting one, I think it will actually be helpful for our guests (particularly those from OOT), and we're going to use it instead of paper RSVPs. 

I spent quite awhile finding a wedding website that I was happy with. I haven't ever loved The Knot's wedding websites, and almost everyone I know ('in real life'/whose weddings I actually attended) used them, so they were out. I tried Wedding Wire first, but while I really liked their planning tools, I didn't like the choices of layouts they had at all. I also disliked how their RSVP page was set up, and I hated their photo page. I wasn't able to make albums, so all of our pictures would've been mixed together and not at all organized. This probably isn't a big deal for most people, but as I've said before, I'm a big picture person, so it was pretty important for me.

I tried mywedding next, and I ended up loving it! Look how perfect this layout is:

I added Robert Fulghum's "Union" quote to the Welcome page just to add something a little different (and because I love it!). It also has a countdown to our wedding day.

And just because David is too cute for his own good, I'll share the 'Our Story' page with you. I included our proposal story on this page as well:

(Click to enlarge)

For our Wedding Party page, mywedding allows you to upload a photo for each person, so for each of my ladies I added a picture of her and me, and for each of David's guys I added a picture of the two of them together. I know, I know.. More pictures!

For the Photo Galleries page, I separated our pictures into "The First Few Years," "The Last Couple Years," "With Our Families," "The Proposal and the Ring," and "Engagement Pictures":

I also added a Music page with songs that are meaningful to us (that you can chose to have playing while you look at the site), a Wedding Events page with the important details about the ceremony and reception (what the website is actually for), an Attractions page for things to do around the city, a Registries page with a link to our Target (and soon to be Bed Bath & Beyond) registry, a Guestbook page, and a Contact Us page. I'll be adding an Accomodations page as soon as David calls the hotels we've talked about reserving blocks of rooms at.

I'll activate the RSVP page after we send out our invitations. We'll be able to link the Excel spreadsheet that David made of our guest list and then make it so that each guest in each party checks either 'attending' or 'unable to attend' rather than them selecting the number of guests that will be attending. I hoping this will keep people from RSVPing for people that weren't invited, as we're already inviting the maximum amount of guests we can.

Overall, I'm really happy with the results and I'm excited for our guests to see it! The link is on the STDs, which are hopefully going to be sent out no later than next week, so our website will have its first visitors soon! We definitely want to have the Accomodations page and our other registry on the site before we send out the STDs, since I know most people will only look at the site once (if that) right after they receive the link. I'll be adding more details as they're planned, but I'm guessing only a small number will check back and see them, except for when people visit the site to RSVP after invitations are sent out in April.

Hopefully my review of the couple sites I tried was helpful! If I left anything out or you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Are you using a wedding website? If so, what was your main purpose for using one?
 And did you find most people actually visited it after receiving the link to it?


  1. I love your blog! It's so cute! YOu have a new follower!

    The shoes were from Off Broadway in Nashville. They're the Michael Shannon bow shoes. One of the Real Housewives wore them on the view. Hope that helps!

  2. I currently have our website through the knot, they changed it so that it offers more options and links rather than just one page like in the past. It was free and for what we needed it worked well. I also like that you can search for a couples website through the main page of theknot. Some of my friends have used other sites as well and their pages were always really cute. So far we've gotten good feedback on our website.

    Your website looks like it's really cute. I'm sure everyone will love it!

  3. We are also using I made a small profile through and said you can find us on and left the link to our site so we actually have had a lot of traffic on our site with people viewing it and coming from our knot website. We'll also put our site info on our Save the Dates when we send them out in June.

  4. It looks so good! I feel the same way about my WeddingWindow site. It's just so fun to write up those stories!


  5. I love looking at people's wedding sites too! I ended up using Google Pages and likes it pretty well.

  6. I keep thinking about creating a wedding website I just havven't yet. I'm a slacker bride haha

  7. Hey Brittany, you're not the only one. Hahah.. Me, too. I have actually started a wedding website about two months ago, but until now, it has only one post in it, and the nice buttons I placed on the side doesn't link to anywhere. Oh dear, Lauralou, you did a good job... and an inspiration to us slacker brides. Lol! :-D

    My purpose in creating that site? To save on paper and printing! Haha.. I figured that instead of printing all other info to attach to the invites, I'll have a one-page invite instead, and put the rest of the info in the site. I'm trying to cut costs on my invites because I know I can. :-)

  8. We used for ours and I LOVE it. I had to pay for it but it was only $89 for 18 months! And it has EVERYTHING on it...I even posted videos and such. I will be blogging about it next month.

    As far as your post, there was one thing I wanted to comment on about your RSVP page on your mentioned that the guests won't be able to add people who weren't invited and can only select 'unable' or 'able' to attend? Well, we are in a similar situation but I know that we have some families that have like 6 people we are inviting however only 3 or 4 of them will most likely be able to attend. What happens if you end up with guests in a similar situation? You are having them RSVP for *MORE* guests than they are bringing?

    What we did was put a line on our response cards in the invitation that reads "We have reserved ____ seats in your honor" Then we fill in the number of guests they are allowed to bring. So that way, a single guest knows that we are not allowing them to bring an extra person. If something happens where someone RSVP's for more than what we allowed, we will call them and explain that we only invited them or however many people due to size limitations. But with our line on the response card, I doubt that will happen. You can check out our invites on my blog to see what they look like :) I posted about them yesterday.

  9. We're using mywedding too! The website was like the first thing I did after we got engaged...haha. I'm hoping to get our save the dates done by the end of the week...we'll see how that goes!

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