Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is That My Dress?

If your name starts with D and ends with -avid, you should go ahead and stop reading right about now. Love you!

I absolutely love finding weddings where the bride wore my dress. I absolutely love my dress, but I second guess myself after making decisions, and my dress choice is no different. For some reason, seeing other brides wearing it always reassures me that I made the right choice. Just look at these!

I love that she hugged her dad on the way out!

I wasn't worried about being able to dance in it (since I danced around in the store to make sure), but if I had been, these pictures would've definitely calmed my fears!

This bride is actually one of my friend's best friend. She rocked my/her/our dress:

This makes me so excited for my dress shot!

And they even did a day after shoot.. More gorgeous pictures!

Do you enjoy finding pictures of other brides in your dress? Or does it bother you to see someone else wearing your dream dress?


  1. I love it... because honestly the dress on real people look SO different then on the model! That's what I love about the Maggie Sottero website... you can click "testimonials" under any dress and see real girls wearing that dress! :)

  2. I actually LOVE seeing people in my dress. I know it really bothers some girls and I just don't get that. I've seen 2 other brides in my dress and it makes me so excited to wear it! Oh, and your dress is beautiful!!

  3. I haven't found anyone who wore my dress :( but I would love to see some!

  4. I am exactly like you...I started questioning my dress choice and had fallen out of love with it. But then like Laura K I went to Maggie's site and found lots of pics of 'real' brides wearing my gown. I took them with me to my fitting the other night and told my seamstress to 'fix it.' She did! I am blogging about it on Monday and Tuesday...and I am again excited about my dress :) Those photos are so great.

  5. I know exactly how you feel! I picked out my dress last spring, but I haven't seen any brides in it, and I know it would make me feel better about my choice! I found it on the Maggie Sottero site (mine's "Mia"), but I'd love to see a whole wedding of photos like you've found!

  6. Love it!! I too am concerned because I'm the only person that I can find with my dress on (it's a fall 2009/spring 2010 line). i adore that ruched beauty and keep looking at the pictures of me in it and overanalyzing it lol!!

    ***beauty, love, frugality

  7. Your dress is beautiful! I know I'll never find another person wearing a dress exactly like mine, because I'm designing and sewing my own dress! I'm quite excited about it...and a little, just a little, nervous...and hope it will turn out okay because I want to be so proud wearing my own creation to my big event.



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