Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Beautiful Band.. Or Two!

You may remember that I have a fairly unique ring.

While I absolutely love it, it made it quite difficult to find a wedding band (or two) to go with it. I'm really anal about things being symmetrical, so I knew from the beginning that I really wanted two bands. I even told David that I'd rather have no bands than one. It would bother me every time I looked at my ring if it wasn't symmetrical! Anway, there wasn't really any way for a wedding band to sit under the setting, since it sits flush against my finger:

(I should probably clean my ring - Eek!)

Unfortunately, when David bought my ring, they talked him into buying a band set that really didn't match my engagement ring setting at all. It was one of those double bands that you put your engagement ring in the middle of and it's supposed to fit against your setting. Except with mine, it didn't. My setting covered up the majority of the diamonds on the bands, and the diamonds didn't go as far down the sides of the bands as they did on my engagement ring. Also, the wedding bands had some filigree, which really didn't match at all.

After seeing them together, David also realized they really didn't go together. We decided to go back to the jewelers he bought the rings from and see if there was something they could do about it. They're wonderful, and were more than willing to exchange the bands for something we liked better. It ends up that we're going to work with the custom jeweler they use.

We met with him last week and it went even better than I was hoping! He's going to take two bands that match the band on my engagement ring and cut them, removing a few of the diamonds, and spread them so that he can solder one end to each side of my setting:

When it's all said and done, my ring should look like this:

We were worried about it being super complicated (and thus, super expensive for his labor), but he acted like it would be no big deal. I'm SO happy that I'm getting exactly what I wanted, and we're getting a much better deal than we figured we would.

Was it difficult to find a wedding band (or two) for your engagement ring?


  1. Holy gorgeous-ness!! Love love LOVE it!! I'm totally with you on the symmetry thing, too. My wedding band is on the pricey-ish side, but I would loooove a 2nd one somewhere down the road.

  2. Wow...I love it! Sog glad that worked out for you! I am with Em on this one...I would LOVE to have two bands, but with the price of the one...I told Robbie we could wait until maybe like our 5 year anniversary (although the one year anniversary sounds good too!) Or maybe even a surprise gift on the day of the wedding. could I start dropping hints? haha!

  3. beautiful! I can relate, I'm having two bands as well, and the bands AND the ring had to be designed for that, it's stuff we don't normally think about but I'm sure you agree it's worth it!

  4. My e-ring is VERY similar to yours! I plan on only getting one band with diamonds like what you will have but maybe for our 10 year anniversary or something I'll do a second band. If I told him to buy me two bands he would have a heart attack. haha.

  5. Thanks, girls!

    I just reread my post and I realized I kind of sounded like a brat. I would've been fine with waiting to have 2 bands! But since he had already bought the first bands, I didn't end up having to ask about having two since my new bands are cheaper than the one he bought originally!

  6. Wow, that is such a great idea! It's all going to look wonderful! This is encouraging me that I'll find a good option of something to go with my e-ring too!

  7. That is just gorgeous. Love the three band look!

  8. LOL I am the EXACT same way. I found curved ones that fit up next to mine perfectly (THANK GOODNESS) but I'm glad there is another symmetry freak out there :) That's an awesome solution!



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