Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Place of Rest for Out of Town Guests

David and I have a fairly large number of family and friends who will be coming from out of town for our wedding festivities. When we first started talking about blocks of hotel rooms we thought it would be fun to set up blocks at rooms at 2 different hotels - One in OldTown or downtown with lots of fun restaurants, bars, and shops nearby, and the other closer to my parents' house for family/older guests who wouldn't be interested in the activities OldTown offers.

When we started looking into the hotels in OldTown, we first looked at The Hotel at OldTown:

Unfortunately,  the woman I talked to when I called said that all of the rooms with two queen beds (which would be most practical for groups of our friends sharing rooms) were booked that weekend. They had rooms with a king bed and sofa sleeper or jacuzzi suites available, both of which were more expensive than we were looking for.

After realizing how popular our wedding date is and that we were a little behind on setting this up (who knew?!) we decided maybe it would be better to go with one of the hotel chains instead of the smaller hotels in the area since they would have a greater number of rooms. Right now we're planning on using the Hyatt:

As for the other hotel, we actually found out about a special they were running at the bridal fair we attended last weekend. The Towne Place Suites by Marriott were offering a special rate of $75/night. They're newly rennovated and all of the rooms have kitchens:


Their sales manager is really friendly and helpful, and I'm planning on calling her tomorrow to finalize everything with the block of rooms.

David and I will both be getting ready downtown with our bridal party. Since we want to stay downtown on our wedding night, we'll likely just reserve the honeymoon suite for Friday night as well so the ladies can get ready there. The rooms at the Hyatt are beautiful, providing a nice backdrop for "getting ready" pictures.

Since we aren't leaving for our honeymoon until Monday morning, David and I want to spend time with our families the day after the wedding. The Towne Place Suites has a free continental breakfast, so I'm going to see if they have any small conference rooms that we could use to open gifts there after meeting our family for a morning after breakfast/brunch.

I'm looking forward to having all of the blocks set up so I can update our website. Our guests are receiving the save the dates (and have seemed to love them!), so they'll likely be checking the website in the near future for information about accommodations.

Are you setting up blocks of rooms for your guests? If so, do you have more than one choice of hotel?


  1. I didn't enjoy room blocking...at all. It just wasn't one of those "fun" parts of wedding planning. We eventually got everything squared away for a great price at a REALLY nice hotel (not sure how I managed that.) The hotels you chose for your guests look awesome, by the way! Our hotel is a Marriott, too :)

  2. We need to do this too, and even more so for our international guests! I think I have been avoiding it so far but will need to get at it soon! I really like the pics of the Marriott and Hyatt. Great choices!


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