Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Everything's Changing

No, don't worry - Nothing about the wedding or the fact that David and I are getting married is changing. But it feels like just about everything else is. Let me explain...

I've never been a big fan of change. It just makes me nervous. The first day of high school, starting a new job, leaving for college without any of my friends, deciding what to do with my life - Terrifying. But the next six months or so will be some of most life changing times I'll ever experience.

First, I'll finish school and become a college graduate. No more nights spent studying until 3 am? Wonderful! Working full-time at my first 'big girl job' instead? Exciting/scary!

Then I'll move out of a cute little house that I've shared with three other girls for the last two years:

And shortly after move into a cute little house with David:

We'll be back in the same city, living together for the first time, and we'll be homeowners!

We will no longer just be parts of our individual families:

We will have started our own little family:

And most exciting - We will finally be married!

Those are some pretty major changes. The thing is, I feel totally different about these changes. Is it intimidating and a little overwhelming sometimes? Of course! But I don't have the same scared/nervous/sick feeling that I'm used to. And the only explanation I have is that I've never been more sure of anything in my life. I know we'll offer each other support and encouragement that will get us through the stressful times and we'll be there celebrating together in the good times when we realize how incredibly blessed we are.

Are you experiencing other major life changes in addition to getting married?

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  1. I know what you mean about all those big changes, it is a crazy time!

  2. I'm kind of like you when it comes to change, and even thought there will be some major changes taking place for us, I also think there are more exciting that scary. I think this year will be one to remember for years to come!

  3. Your house is soo cute, that is so exciting! I feel like we are a lot alike.. both graduating college then getting married shortly after, and it will also be our first time to live together (and finally together in the same city again!). Congrats on being a homeowner too! :)

  4. Yes, life is full of changes! I think change is good but I am also afraid of change and I'm not so good at accepting it at times. I think it's wonderful you're embracing becoming married, graduating,and becoming a homeowner soon! All of that is very exciting! :)

    We're in the process of searching to buy a house, just got pre approved now we're searching! We'll be married in a little over a year, so there's still time... but yes, SO much change :)

  5. Change is what makes life so exciting. It will all work out and it's so nice you will have the love of your life to experience all of these changes with.

  6. Big changes are happening but it is so exciting! What a great feeling to know that you are so sure about them! These next few months are going to just fly by for you! Enjoy them...I miss my college friends so much!

  7. Congrats on your home! It's super cute! I'm jealous because my fiance and I aren't going to be able to be homeowners for a while, unfortunately. I know what you mean about change, but I'm sure you'll settle into it nicely :o)

  8. I loooooove your new house. So adorable. We won't be buying a house for a while, which is fine with us since we're only 21 and I'm still a student. I'm also kind of glad because since we only moved in together a year ago, the idea of having to pack and move everything again so soon would give me a heart attack. I think one life change is enough for us right now, haha.

  9. Thanks ladies! Unfortunately, that isn't 'our house' (yet anyway!) - It's just my favorite! :) We're going to look at several of them this weekend and will decide from there!

  10. Ah... It's such an exciting time in life! Scary... YES but still exciting. Your house is ADORABLE! What kind of puppy is that? precious!! Good Luck with everything in the next 6th months.

  11. Your new house-to-be is so cute! I love it!
    Yeah, it's true. After all the dreaming and planning about the big fairytale event... we suddenly wake up to the real life and face responsibilities of being wives and mothers and homemakers. Oh well, we'll be okay. It's gonna be another adventure.

  12. I know you've probably missed me...but don't worry I'm back! haha
    Congrats on the looks adorable!!! And you will absolutely LOOOVE being done with school and in the same place as the Mr.

  13. That house is darling!! Congratulations!! :)

    Wrapped in Happiness-wedding blog:

  14. your house is super cute!! Congrats to you and yay for life changes!!

  15. I get what you mean, but since we didn't do everything at once like you guys (we graduated before meeting, moved in together, and got our dogs together already) I'm more like ready to get it over with!!

    PS your new house looks so cute it makes me want to move immediately to wherever you are!



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