Wednesday, January 13, 2010


No, I'm not talking about my ring again. When David originally started thinking about wedding bands, he thought he linked tungsten. It's strong, durable, and reasonably priced (which is nice, since I'm more than a little worried that he'll lose it). We both liked the look of tungsten too:

But when we went to discuss the issues with my wedding bands with our jeweler, David saw the new Cobalt rings they have. They're similar to tungsten, but they look more like white gold:

He ended up finding one he really likes, so I might just end up buying that one even though it's quite a bit more expensive than the bands we looked at online. When he was thinking about tungsten I really wanted to find one on etsy, but it looks like the seller I was going to use no longer has tungsten bands. I do like the titanium bands they have, though:


David said he would be worried about not being able to try on the band and see it in person, though. I should probably be buying it within the next couple months, so we'll have to decide whether we should go with the more expensive cobalt band he liked at our jeweler (and just take the risk of him losing it), or go with one of the less expensive ones online that has a good return policy for if it doesn't fit or he doesn't like it.

Did you find your fiance/husband's wedding band online? If so, who did you use? And how did it work out for you?


  1. I bought Ryan a bamboo ring off Etsy. He loves it, but I want him to have a metal one too since the bamboo isn't very durable. Unfortunately he thinks the metal ones are too heavy, so who knows!

  2. These are the type of rings Mr P likes too. I can't wait to go shopping!


  3. Hey Laura! So this totally isn't about rings, but I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking for DIY toasting flutes and then when I looked at whose blog it was, it was yours! Your blog is so exciting!

    We looked for bands pretty briefly one day at the store Brad got my engagement ring from but they were a little more expensive than other stores and I didn't find one that I loved, but he found some he liked.

  4. @ Jill - That's so funny! Have you guys decided on a date yet? I'm so excited for you! PS - Those toasting flutes are soo easy to make!

  5. Mr Fix It and I also wanted to make sure he was able to see and try on the ring in person so we didn't go the online route. We also looked at various types of metals and originally thought we'd go the cheaper Titanium route since Mr Fix It can't wear his ring to work (hazard) and will only wear it when we are out and about. Plus a girlfriend's husband just lost his ring at the beach and she was so she just bought him a replacement $75 titanium ring :)

    Of course, after looking at them, he was super picky about his ring and wanted some bling in it so we ended up going with white gold which was the most expensive of all the rings we looked at! UGH! Oh well, least I can do, right?

    Btw, thanks for sharing about your memorial candles...they look so pretty and personal. Love them!


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