Monday, June 6, 2011

You Make My Dreams Come True: One Last Dance

The night was coming to a close, and the DJ totally surprised us by having all of our remaining guests join us on the dance floor and surround us in a big circle. We weren’t exactly sure what he was doing until he started playing ‘Then’ by Brad Paisley and told us to soak in minutes of our reception surrounded by people who love us.


Both of our photographers had already left, but BM S was there to capture it. I’m SO thankful, because this was honestly one of my favorite parts of the day and these pictures (although we’re dripping with sweat and my hair is frizzy) are some of my most treasured.


Laura and David 123

{I love everyone’s expressions in this!}


Laura and David 124


I love that you can see David’s brother and our SIL L with their arms around each other – I made the slideshow for their wedding a year before, and used ‘Then’ as the song for the pictures of them together. :)


Laura and David 127


And then David’s cousin yelled his congratulations and best wishes to us:


Laura and David 125


Laura and David 126


Laura and David 130


David sang to me the entire time. His face in this picture just makes me smile:


Laura and David 132


Laura and David 133


And with that, the song, and our reception that we’d poured so much into, was over. This next series of pictures is my absolute favorite:


Dancing 2-B&W


Laura and David 135


Dancing 3-cropped


Guys, I’m down to my last recap, and it’s a short one at that. I can’t believe it. I hope you’ll stick with me for the last one!


Need to catch up?


We started on Thursday.

We decorated Friday morning.

We rehearsed.

We got pretty!

I put on my dress

We had our first look!

The guys had their turn.

The girls stole the show

We got some fun bridal party pictures

We took bride & groom portraits.

We took care of the formal portraits.

We took pictures with the kiddos.

We spent time hanging out waiting for the ceremony to start.

The grandparents and parents were seated.

It was finally time for the processional.

A step back to the playing of the slideshow.

The ceremony started. (Part 1)

The ceremony continued. (Part 2)

The ceremony ended. (Part 3)

We had a little fun with our recessional

I shared our ceremony details

We made our grand exit.

And then made our grand entrance!

We listened to touching toasts.

Then it was time to cut the cake.

We had our first dance!

We danced with our parents.

We did our bouquet and garter toss.

And the dollar dance!

Then it was finally party time!

Our sneaky bridal party decorated our getaway car.

I shared our reception details.


  1. I love that your DJ made the last dance special for you guys!

  2. What a sweet sweet moment! So beautiful. Happy [almost] anniversary :-)

  3. That was our last dance song too. :) Some of my favorite photos came from that dance!

  4. We played "Then" for our last song too! I absolutely loved our last dance. It was the most romantic, deep in love, dance I've ever had with my husband. I always look back to that moment of our wedding and smile. It was magical and pure bliss. I see you felt those same feelings!

  5. What is the font you used for your invites?? I love it


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