Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"And the Two Will Unite and Become One..."

I've mentioned our unity candle a couple times because I'm so excited about it! I just love the meaning behind the unity candle. I blogged previously about the huge influence our moms have on our lives, so having their blessing is of utmost importance to both of us. I also love that it symbolizes not just the joining of the two of us, but the joining of our families as well. I love both of our families and I'm so excited to add 2 new brothers and 2 new sisters to my already wonderful 5 brothers and 3 sisters (including spouses!) :)

I knew I wanted a unity candle that was meaningful that we could keep and display in our home. So, I used Ruth 1:16-17 to come up with this:

I love how they turned out. I bought two shorter thinner candles (similar to tapers, but shorter and thicker) that will sit in holders on either side. I'm not sure how exactly it will work, but I think we'll probably have our moms blow out the shortest candles after the side candles are lit and then David and I will each take one of the shortest candles, light them with the fire from the side candles, and together light the big middle candle. I know it's not the conventional way of doing it, but I think it still makes the same point.

Are you doing a unity candle? Or is there another way you're representing your union through marriage in your ceremony?


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this... can you do a tutorial of how you made the vellum- looking things for the candles?

  2. Those turned out SOOO cute! What a great idea to incorporate such a passage onto the unity candles!

  3. Thanks for the compliments, ladies! I can definitely do a tutorial! I'll try to do it tomorrow :)


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