Friday, September 25, 2009

The Groom's Guys

I blogged about my ladies almost 2 weeks ago so I suppose I should introduce the guys, too! David had pretty much decided on his groomsmen before he even proposed. The majority of them are family and the other two might as well be - He's be friends with them since kindergarten! I'm so excited to have them play a big part in our special day.

David's having his two brothers as his best men. I'm having a maid of honor and a matron of honor, so he asked if it was "ok" to have 2 best men. Of course I said yes - We're making our own rules for the big day! David is the middle brother so he has special, yet different, relationships with both of them and this is a way to honor both. His older brother will take care of most of the 'big' responsibilities like planning the bachelor party (especially since his younger brother is only 16). Without further adieu:

His groomsmen include my "little" brother (who is actually a good 5 inches taller than me) GM M and his two childhood friends, who have the same initials! Both are GM J.

*I just realized we have very few pictures with my brother - This is probably the most recent one I have of either of us with him and it was taken almost a year ago after our older brother's wedding! Please excuse the sweatyness - I told you I love to dance!

I wish I had pictures from kindergarten of David and his other groomsmen to post, but these will have to do:

*I promise they're just friends... There's never a dull moment with them, though!

And David's JrGM is my nephew, M! JrGM M and David's sister, JrBM K, are almost the same age, so they'll be so cute walking down the aisle together.

Our crazy (but precious!) ring bearer is my other nephew who will be 2 in April. He loves David! I can't choose which picture to use, so I'm posting 2!

And there you have our bridal party! It's definitely a group of fun and supportive people who will make our big day SO much fun. I can't imagine a better group of family and friends to stand up there with us!

Did your FI/groom have his groomsmen "chosen" already? Or was it a tough decision for him?

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