Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beautiful Bridesmaids!

I mentioned in my post about last weekend's wedding progress that BM M found her dress! We kind of looked in Wichita when I was home a couple weekends ago, but didn't find anything. We didn't even really plan to go this weekend, but my favorite store in Lawrence is right next door to Chipotle, where we ate lunch, so I wanted to stop in just to look. :) She tried a few things on, including a super cute black dress and she ended up loving it! I love it too:

The best part is it ended up only being $29! I love a good deal, so I was very excited! I can't wait what all of the other ladies choose. BM S has been looking at a few different ones including this dress in black:


And this dress from Nordstrom:

This one says it's "currently unavailable" which is unfortunate, because I want one for myself! I LOVE the bow in back!

I talked to my sister (MOH A) the other night after babysitting the kids for a few hours, and she said she's going to start looking. There was one she liked in Wichita, but couldn't justify buying (it was before I told her I was just going to have them pick out black dresses) but I'm sure she'll find another one she loves! I've always been drawn to little black dresses, so it's been fun helping the girls look for theirs. I'm so excited to see how they all come together!

Did you let your ladies pick their own dresses? If so, did you help them look? Or did you leave it entirely up to them?

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  1. Such a cute dress - and very cute BM. She'd look good in anything, though! I love the black bow dress too.


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