Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Wedding Progress

Sorry for my absence! (And thanks Mom, for calling me on it!) Life has been incredibly busy lately, but it does make time go by faster, which is nice - That means the next time I get to see David is getting closer! We've got 2 more weeks to go, but I know we'll both be busy so it'll be here before we know it. This weekend BM M came up to visit and we made some progress on a couple projects. Also, BM S stayed up until 1 AM with me last night working on centerpieces - She's wonderful. I'll update you on the progress we made:

First, we finished the basket of flip flops. There are a few pairs we haven't made tags for yet, because I can't figure out how I want to do them. The XS and XXS pairs will have different tags because with my Cricut, I'm unable to put more than one letter on the tag. I haven't quite decided how I want to do them. But we're close!

The bin is a little full, but I have another matching one that I'm going to use for the programs so we'll be putting the extras in there after the ceremony is over. I love the little tags!

We also worked on the tulle pomander centerpieces. I finally opened the box of styrofoam balls I got and tried to cut one of the 6" balls in half. I ended up slicing my finger open and didn't make hardly any progress on the ball. So we went to Michael's and bought a new tool (with a 40% off coupon of course):

I wasn't sure how it would work, especially when I read the back and it said, "Made for use only with Styrofoam brand foam." The balls I ordered aren't real stryrofoam, so I was a little nervous about trying it. It says it heats up to 410 degrees! It ended up working great, although it's a fairly tedious process. It still saves lots of money compared to buying 18 whole 6" balls! (PS - The tool is supposed to be straight, I kind of bent it by pressing too hard.)

There's BM S helping with the tulle :)

It definitely takes quite a bit of time, but at least we have a while to spread them out over. And I have a wonderful bridal party that's willing to help me! :) BM S and I decided it should be a whole bridal party project so we could get them all done in one night in everyone did one. Sounds good to me!

I decided to see how the 3" balls looked as pomanders as well. When I took them out of the box they looked way too small and I almost just sent them back. But, I added all of the mums that I had left to one and it looks like they're going to be exactly the right size! I knew the mums were big, but I can't believe how much width they add. I love when things work out perfectly!

Don't those look tiny?!

Now I can't wait for Hobby Lobby to get more of the mums in! I want to finish the pomanders. I feel like we got a lot done this weekend, though! BM M found her bridesmaid dress (which I'll blog about soon!) AND we got to watch our Hawks beat Duke on Saturday!

With BM M at the game

BM S and BM M! :)

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty productive weekend! Now I need to get around to studying before tomorrow morning. Do you have to save most of your planning for the weekend?


  1. I should save most of my planning for the weekend...but I'm always doing it during the week instead of studying or doing homework!! I really like the flip flop tags and I'm totally jealous of your cricut!!

  2. You did get a ton of stuff done, nice work!

  3. Sweetie, you did a great job - and see how you're teaching your friends to be crafty too! Hope your finger is okay.


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