Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Project Filled Weekend

My momma came up to visit me over the long weekend and we worked on lots of projects. My mom totally shares a love/talent for crafty things, so I love working on projects with her! I kind of have a hard time letting go of 'my' projects. I have some OCD tendencies, and sometimes I talk myself into thinking it'll be easier if I just do things myself or if it's something small that I'll be wasting their time. That's totally not the case, and this weekend really proved that to me. I have to remember how much I love helping other people with their projects and how disappointed I am when they don't take me up on my offer. If people offer their help, they likely actually want to! My mom and BM S (also my roommate) spent Monday evening finishing up 3 different projects! I probably would've only been able to finish one of them on my own. I love how all of them turned out, so I'll be sharing them soon!

Here's a sneak peak: *Please try to ignore the mess in the background!*

I love you both! Thank you so much for all of your help!!

Do you have a hard time letting people help you? If so, have you gotten better or worse about it with your wedding projects?


  1. You've peeked my interest. Looking to see what you are creating :)

  2. All of your DIY projects are amazing and will make your wedding that much more special! I'm glad to help you anytime!! :)

  3. Next pic, edit my stomach out! This was fun, and a neat idea for achy feet at the reception.


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