Monday, September 21, 2009

A Piece of Cake

To be honest, I've never been a huge fan of cake. There are so many other desserts that I like more! The week after we got engaged, we went to NJ/NYC and stayed with my uncle/Godfather. He asked if we'd be interested in him making cheesecakes for the wedding. Uh, interested?! David and I both love cheesecake - especially his! I'm not sure if he'll be making whole cheesecakes or bite-sized ones, but either way they'll be delicious. And he even has a stand for them:

I think we'll probably use damask paper cut to the size of each of the platforms to decorate it. Any other ideas?

We did want a small cake for us to cut (and with a top tier for us to attempt to save for our first anniversary). We met with Carrie from Cakes by Carrie a couple weeks ago when I was in Wichita for the weekend and we loved her. She works out of her home and is so sweet. We looked through a book of her past work and through a couple inspiration books. Originally I thought I wanted something like this:

Or maybe like this:


But then we saw a cake similar to this one and loved it:

We both thought it was the perfect mix of original, but still traditional. Obviously there won't be any citrus-y fruits on it, and it will only be three tiers. The bottom two tiers (since we're saving the top one) should feed about 70 people, and I think we'll have a sheet cake or two as well. The frosting on the cake in the picture we saw was more whipped and the texture was more obvious, but I can't seem to find a picture similar to it anywhere online. I'll have to take a picture of it next time. It's similar to this:

Carrie also makes cream cheese mints (YUM!) and even makes them to match a color swatch if you give her one! So I think we'll be doing that as well - they're only $12 for 100! We were planning on doing chocolate fountains, too, (one with white chocolate, one with dark - so it looks almost black, and one with pink milk chocolate) but now I'm thinking people might be overwhelmed with all of the options.

We do have the cake topper for our cake, though! I happened to stop by Big Lots about a month and a half ago with my mom and they were having a sale on Martha Stewart wedding stuff - All of it was $2! You'll be seeing the other goodies I bought in future posts! (I went in a couple weeks ago to see if they still had the place cards I bought, and they did, so definitely check it out if you have one near you!)

I think we'll probably use black and white pictures so it doesn't detract too much from the cake and it still goes with the theme. Should we use an engagement picture? Or I was thinking about using a picture of our rings in black and white. Or just our monogram? What do you think? Or if you have another suggestion, I'm open to those too!

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  1. Love these pics! Thanks for pointing me to this post!


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