Thursday, September 24, 2009

Slideshow Plans

I have an obsession with pictures. I absolutely love them. I love looking through old pictures and taking new ones. Pictures help me remember every little detail about the day/time/place the picture was taken. David complains sometimes about how many pictures I take, but I told him I guarantee I could tell him what/when every single picture of us is from. (That's a pretty big deal, considering we've been together for almost 6 years and have hundreds of pictures together!) Pictures are playing a big role in our wedding day, and one thing I've always known I wanted is a slideshow. I really enjoy making them, and I always enjoy watching them even though I always end up crying.

I'm not sure yet when we'll play the slideshow on our wedding day - Whether it'll be before the ceremony (my choice) or at the reception at some point (David's choice). I also want to make a slideshow of pictures of my Dad and I to surprise him with during our Daddy/Daughter dance. Our venue has the projector and screen that we can use, so I definitely want to take advantage of it. I made David's brother and sister-in-law L's slideshow and I think it turned out really well:

Everyone seemed to really like it, which gives me the confidence to make ours. I also made a video for David's birthday a couple years ago. I burned it on a DVD and made a cute little DVD case for it. It still makes me tear up! Watch it if you don't believe me about taking tons of pictures - We have even more pictures together that aren't in the slideshow! (Oh, and please ignore my voice in the beginning - I promise it's not that annoying in person.)

I'm not exactly sure yet what songs I'll use in our slideshow other than True Companion by Marc Cohn. That's 'our song' and has been for years! It's the last song that plays in the slideshow I made for his birthday. I have several other songs that I love, so if they aren't used in the slideshow they'll probably be used before the ceremony starts since we'll need at least 30 minutes of music. I'll probably use Brown Eyed Girl for the pictures of me growing up, but I think finding a song for boys' growing up pictures is so hard! Any suggestions?

Are you having a slideshow? Are you making it or are you delegating the task to someone else??


  1. Hey, Sweetie,
    I don't think I ever saw the dvd you did for David. Sooo sweet! I liked watching Jason and Laura's again too.

  2. we thought about it...then decided against it...we just ran out of time! I love your slideshows!!!


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