Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Save the Date, Please!

I mentioned in my post with our engagement pictures that we took some pictures for our Save the Dates (STDs - ha! I know, immature..) as well. I finally got to work on the layout a little bit, but now I'm stuck. I can't decide which one I like best.

Option 1:

I don't think I like it in full color because there's really no way to incorporate our wedding colors. Also, the text on the last sign would be edited so that 'Date' is easier to read like in all of the other ones.

Option 2:

I do like this one a lot more, although David said it isn't one of his favorite pictures of himself. I think I like the prettier font more (and how could I not? It's Albemarle Swash!) and I like that it's black, white, and pink.

Option 3:

I don't particularly like the big picture (of me), but David likes it. He was going back in forth between whether he thinks we should be looking at the camera in the main picture or if he liked that picture. He said he likes it because it makes him think we're saying, "Come follow us!" like on our journey or something - He's too cute.

Option 4:

He wanted me to try a mix of black and white and color. I don't dislike it, but I'm not sure what color text I would use. I still don't think I could use pink (to tie in our color scheme) without it looking off.

Option 5:

I think this one and Option 2 are tied for my favorites. The text would be the same shade of pink of the other ones, though. I don't like the coral-y color. Do you think the text is hard to read since it's across our bodies like that?

Ok, I need some advice! Let me know which one(s) is/are your favorite. Or, if you have another idea all together, I'm open to that, too! We're wanting to send these out in about a month, so I'd like to at least figure out the design so we can look into getting them printed soon. Thanks in advance for your help, ladies!


  1. I like the 4th one 'cause I like the color photos but if you are set on using pink, I'd go with the 2nd one.

    We just got our save the dates to the printer. I'll be blogging about it soon!

  2. I love the last design! However... the text (anywhere it's pink on b&w, really) is VERY hard to read. It would look better if it had a white fade behind it. I think the white fade would be more easily accomplished on #3 (my 2nd choice!)

  3. I really like option #4 as well but it is missing the date. If possible, add that somewhere and I think it will be cute!

  4. I'm also working on our STDs now and debating between color and black & white - it's really hard to choose! For yours, I think black and white looks best, and I love both #2 and #5. But the pink text is really hard to read, so maybe you can use a brighter shade?

    Beautiful pictures, by the way!

  5. What if you use option four but flip the color/black and white? Have the big pic in color and the three small in B&W?

  6. I like number 3. I like the big picture.

  7. P.S. I think my favorite is Option 1. Looks like I'm the outcast! =)

  8. I think #1 is my favorite because the color will be eye-catching when posted on a fridge, and the font goes with your signs better than the other font. It will also be easier for older people to read!

  9. I really like # 1. Adore the color, but if you're going B&W, I like # 2. I like the vertical better!

    Also, left a surprise for ya on my blog today!

    Thanks for all your blog love comments! Now that our wedding is finished (so bittersweet!) I can catch up on everyone else!!!

  10. I like both of the first options (1 and 2)...I think it just depends on what color you're going for! I like color...but black and white is classic!

  11. They look amazing. Which one did you finally choose? (Or should I keep reading your blog posts? Sorry...new to your site) :)

  12. @ Born to be Mrs. Beever - Keep reading for an update on our options! But you actually reminded me that I haven't blogged about our final choice yet!


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