Monday, October 5, 2009

Can We Have Your Pictures?

I've blogged previously about how much I love pictures. I seriously check Facebook hours after an event (wedding/prom/party/whatever!) to see if anyone has put pictures up from it. Since it seems like every has a digital camera these days, I know our wedding will look like this at some points throughout the night:


A lot of brides set up a public online album and give little cards to their guests to remind them to upload their pictures. I think Moo cards are adorable, but I know I'd either lose the card or forget by the time I got home. In order to keep that from happening, David came up with a great idea: Why don't we set up a "photo sharing station" with my laptop and possibly a memory card adapter? I just looked on Amazon, and you can find an adapter for $34.99 - I'm guessing I could find it cheaper with a little more research. And imagine that... My laptop is the perfect color:

We're going to have our DJ make a few announcements throughout the night and we'll have an "attendant" at the table to help anyone who isn't familiar with how to upload pictures. Obviously they won't be uploading all of the pictures on their memory card (unless it was empty before that night), so the attendant will be able to help them find the folder with their pictures and they'll be able to choose which ones to copy/paste into the other folder. I'll also be making a sign to sit next to the computer that will look similar to this:

I'm not totally happy with the wording. I kind of wanted it to rhyme, but I wasn't sure how to put the information we wanted to get across into a poem. I'm still working on it, so you may see a revised version in the future! Now I just need to find another place to use those stinkin cute Moo cards!

Are you going to want to see your guests' photos? As a guest, would you be any more likely to share your pictures with the bride and groom if you were able to upload them before you even left the wedding?


  1. You can rent a similar item called a Canditto. It will only upload photos from the last 10 hours or something. Not sure on the price though!

  2. I've seen that, but it's $450 for a week rental - Eek! We're gonna stick with the cheap version. :) Thanks for the comment, though!

  3. We read about this idea too! I have a laptop that I hope to set up with a memory card adapter. Where are you going to set up the table and who do you think you'd ask to attend it? I definitely want someone who is tech savvy but I'd hate to pull people away from the party. What do you think?

  4. We're going to put the station on the way out the door, so our guests will be less likely to forget to stop by. I'm still debating about who to ask to attend it - The owner of the building will be there anyway and is the parking lot attendant, so I've thought about putting it right by the door and leaving more detailed instructions and he can just be there in case anyone really needs help. Do you think people (in general) will need more direction than that?


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