Friday, November 6, 2009

Because I Know You Were All Dying to Know...

I've seen this survey on multiple blogs that I read, so I decided to fill it out because I love reading everyone's answers! (I'll admit, I have some stalkerish tendencies - I love finding out random things about people.. I'm not the only one am I?!) I decided to have David answer the questions that don't have a set answer as well, so we'll see how our answers compare!

1. What are your middle names? Mine is Elizabeth and his is Robert.

2. How long have you been together? Almost 6 years! Our anniversary is December 19th :)

3. How long did you know each other before you started dating? I'd say we knew each other for a few months or so; He says, "We knew each other 4 months."

4. Who asked who out? Umm, I guess he asked me? He did ask me to our freshman homecoming, so I guess that was our first official 'date'; He says, "I asked you out?"

5. How old are each of you? I'm 20 and he's 21, but we'll both be 21 by the wedding - I bet some of you didn't realize that! There are posts to come about being a young bride (Even younger than the young-ish bride, Mrs. Star!)

6. Did you go to the same school? We went to the same high school and dated all 4 years, but we go to different colleges now

7. Are you from the same home town? Yep!

8. Who is the smartest?I'm not sure - I'd say we're probably even, but he's accomplished more with his intelligence if that makes sense. He says, "You are the smarter of the two"

9. Who majored in what? I majored in Applied Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Early Childhood (Formerly called Human Development and Family Life, which is more self-explanatory) and he majored in Accounting

10. Who is the most sensitive? I'd say I am because I cry A LOT. But he's definitely sensitive about certain things - He has such a big heart! He says, "You are more sensitive"

11. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? We went to NJ and NYC in March for spring break! I can't wait to travel more once we're married.

12. Who has the worst temper? Him, but I'm not too far off unfortunately. He says, "Me, although you're a close second" - Ha, I swear we answered these separately!

13. How many children do you want? Ha, we talk about this a lot. I want 3! He says, "2.5" Haha, he wants 2, but I'm slowly persuading him that 3 is better :)

14. Who does the cooking? We don't live together so it's equal, although neither of us does a whole lot of cooking. I think it's pointless to cook a meal for one person. When we're married I'm guessing I'll do more, but he's a good cook, so I'm sure he'll contribute.

15. Who is more social? He definitely is. He's super outgoing and could talk to anyone for hours. I don't think I'm too terribly shy, though. I'm definitely not one of those girls who is stuck to their boyfriend/fiance/husband's side when we go out. He says, "Ha" - I guess this one is pretty obvious

16. Who is the neat freak? Oh geez, neither of us. It's a little scary to think about when we're living together.. He says, "Neither"

17. Who is the most stubborn? We're both incredibly stubborn, but if I had to choose it'd be me probably. He says, "I think you are"

18. Who wakes up earlier? It really depends on the day, but it's pretty even. He says, "Hmm, I always do when we don't have to get up"

19. Where was your first date? Our first 'date' (the day of our anniversary) was a party at a friend's house where we held hands for the first time and everyone knew we were a couple, but our first official date was our freshman homecoming at our high school.

20. Who has the bigger family? They're probably about even, but I'm closer to more of my extended family than he is. He says, "You"

21. Do you get flowers often? Not really. Usually only for our anniversary or Valentine's Day, but I like it that way - It makes it a special occasion when I do get them.

22. How do you spend the holidays? Slightly touchy subject.. A post is coming about that.

23. Who is more jealous? Probably me, but I've gotten much better. He gets jealous occasionally too. He says, "You :)"

24. How long did it take to get serious? Not long. I knew early on that I wanted to be with him forever. He says, "Not very"

25. Who eats more? Him by far.

26. What do you do for a living? Currently I'm "just" a student (this is the first semester I haven't had a job and it's nice!) and David is a full-time student and an accountant.. Oh, and a referee.

27. Who does the laundry? Again, we don't live together so we do our own, but David absolutely hates laundry so I've agreed to do it once we're married if he does the dishes. :)

28. Who's better with the computer? I'd say we're pretty even. He says, "Probably equal"

29. Who drives when you are together? It used to always be David, but recently it's usually been me.

30. What is your song? We have lots that we like, but our song is True Companion by Marc Cohn.

Ok, now everyone else copy/paste/answer the questions! :) I love reading the responses!


  1. Oh girl, can't even wait to read about the holidays post! That is a very touchy subject for us right now too! lol.

  2. So cute, I love that you put his responses to the questions! Glad there' another blogger couple close to 6 years! LOL

  3. Haha. i borrowed this. Love it.

  4. Wanted to thank you for the info on the blog design website that you noted in your comment to the Burning River Bride.... I just updated my blog with a new look care of =)

  5. hi, i read your comment on my blog and actually yes - my ring came originally with the three bands. but i've found throughout the wedding planning process that i'm much more traditional than i thought i was, so i decided i had to have a wedding band added to the ring although it was meant to need no additional wedding band. i just feel like the wedding band being added to it is very meaningful to me (my fiance does not understand, of course) but i am so happy about my new band. i will get it next week! your ring is beautiful too. is it a princess cut? i wasn't quite sure. i love the style of our rings, mine sits up a little higher and has a very antique-style setting under the center-stone. i truly LOVE it!

  6. This is cute. Love that you guys did this together!
    Left you something on my blog!

  7. @ Amy - Yep, mine is a princess cut! Your's is absolutely beautiful! And I totally understand the significance of adding a wedding band. We actually just figured out this weekend what we can do regarding adding bands to mine - I think we'll be able to solder them directly to the setting on either side of the original band. I'm hoping it works, because I LOVED how it looked!


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