Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Darling Drawing

One thing I've always wanted is a caricature or drawing of David and me. We had one done in NYC and it's cute, but David doesn't really like it. I saw a post on one of the boards on Weddingbee by a bride asking for help to practice her drawing, because she's decided to draw 'comics' of her and her fiance throughout their relationship for their program! How cute is that?! I uploaded a couple pictures of us in hopes she'd choose our photos to practice with. She did end up choosing them as one of her practice drawings, and I think her sketch of us is darling!

Here are the pictures I uploaded:

And here is her drawing:

I love how she drew my dress and my hair. She is so talented and I'm really hoping she posts pictures of the sketches she does of her and her fiance for her programs! You should definitely check out the link to the board - She did several other drawings and all of them are adorable! I've seen lots of brides incorporate cartoon-ish drawings of them and their fiances, and I think it's such a good idea.

Have you had a cartoon or caricature done? Did you find a way to incorporate it into the wedding?


  1. That's so cute! I really like it! It looks like you guys!

  2. That is so cute!!! I need to remember to check out posts like that on the boards more often.

  3. cute! My MOH draws kinda like that - maybe I should ask her to make us one.

  4. Whoa! Thanks for the shout-out! :D Your picture is still one of my favorites..I love action shots! hehe.

  5. Wow...I totally love it! I was looking for someone who would do this so I could use them on thank-you's or STD's...

    I wonder if Penga is too busy...

  6. OMG that is soooo cute!!!! I want one!!!


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