Monday, November 23, 2009

Convertible Dresses Revisited

I blogged about my love for twobirds bridesmaid dresses a few weeks ago. Several of you commented saying you loved them too, or that you were debating buying one for yourself. Well, my mom is awesome, and just sent me a link to this:




A convertible dress from Newport News! It can be worn 4 different ways: As a halter, a bandeau, a tank, or a one-shoulder style. It only comes in the 3 colors shown above (Black, Royal Purple, and Scarlet), but it's also only $89.00! It's part of their 'shape fx' collection, which means it has slimming shape control. It also has built in soft cups for shaping and support.

Newport News always has coupon codes for free shipping or 20% off. By doing a simple google search I found a code for free shipping (L52) and a code for 20% off (588), and you may be able to find even better deals. I definitely want a black one for myself! I think I'll wait to see if they have any Cyber Monday sales, though.

My mom has ordered several things from Newport News in the past, and has always been happy with their quality. If I end up ordering one, I'll be sure to post some pictures and a review of the dress!


  1. Thats such a cool dress! Off to check it out

  2. OMG My bridesmaids are getting Newport News dresses! Their $79 dresses came out to $53 with shipping after I stalked around and got two great codes (free shipping & 25% off)!
    LOVE this dress too, too bad its not in royal blue :(


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