Saturday, November 14, 2009

Meet the Newest Addition to our Family...

Isn't she just the cutest?! She's a 9 week old Bichon Poodle mix, and I think she may quite possibly be the most adorable thing ever. We just can't decide on a name! I originally liked Bella, but it's so common right now, particularly with the whole Twilight thing (which I've never gotten into). Right now we're between Pumpkin (she's actually more of a orange-y gold-ish color than the picture makes her look), Bella (pronounced Bay-uh like in Spanish), Paisley, or Lily. Which name do you think fits her best?

We're taking her to the vet today - I'm so excited to take care of our new fur baby together. I told David we'll have to take a 'family picture' this weekend! I probably won't post again until Monday because I'm enjoying a weekend at home. Hope everyone has a great couple days off!

Do you and your SO have any fur babies? How did you decide on his/her/their name(s)?


  1. It took us two days and we ended up with Dakota... we went through like 20 names though!

  2. Aaww, I like Bella or maybe Lila?

    She's a cutie!

  3. omg...we are thinking too about another pooch! haha..names :) well in my family we always gave our furry ones proper names,
    Penelope Jane Stefan, called her PJ
    Ellie Mae Stefan,
    Kingston Jay Stefan ...haha! i love giving my pups a good middle name... im not into silly names... I love Paisley...and well...

    honestly, McKenzie came to me soon as i saw her adorable face :) call me crazy but honestly thats what came to me!

    let us know what you decide!!!

  4. She IS the cutest! I'm so jealous, I wish I had time for a dog. I think she looks like a Lily.

  5. Too stinking cute! I love the name Paisley

  6. Ahhhh adorable!!!! I love the name Paisley!

    I love naming my pooches kind of "dorky" names...Theodore, Stuart...etc. I'm such a nerd :)

  7. Ah naming the furrkids. For all of our animals we would name them a few days after getting them. Their name would eventually pop up or we would say "The name ... works!"

    I named my cat Gizmo from the movie Gremlins since she was always so cuddly.
    As for the ferrets, it was either from their personality or their fur color.
    Cookie=fur the color of cookie dough
    Pepper=salt and pepper furr plus he's always hyper
    Chopper=He's like the character from One Piece
    Diamond=has a spot the shape of a diamond on her head
    Snowflake=white pouffy furr
    Truffle=smalled ferret of the gang and she has brown fur.

  8. i had a bichon growing up-he was the SWEETEST dog ever!!! great breed!

  9. SO adorable!!! Let us know when you decide on a name. Josh and I have 2 cats, but they were named by the shelter we got them from and we decided to keep those names. When we thought of changing their names I Googled "popular baby names" or something like that, and it gave me some great ideas. Enjoy your new baby!!

  10. I like McKenzie too!!! She's sooo cute.


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