Friday, November 13, 2009

Bouts or No Bouts?

Before planning my own wedding, I thought everyone used boutonnieres (I hate spelling that word - I'll be copying/pasting for the rest of the post!) for their groomsmen. I never really liked them, though. What guy really enjoys wearing a flower? And they always end up smashed by the end of the night. In high school, my mom and I (uh, I'm not sure how much I helped..) always made David's boutonnieres - There was no way we were going to pay close to $20 - probably more than that now! - for something we could make for less than $2. They always turned out well, too:

*I apologize for the awkward half-boob shots - Didn't we coordinate well, though?*

So, I'm sure, that between my mom and I, we could easily DIY the boutonnieres (since we're DIYing all the flowers). I just don't think I want boutonnieres, though. I asked David what his thoughts were, and he said he'd be totally fine with just having pocket squares. Fine by me! I made the pocket sqaures for my sister's wedding in May - They were super easy, and turned out well:

*Gotta love the awkward sneaky shots from wedding guests while the photographer is trying to organize the formal bridal party pictures*

All DIY pocket squares require are fabric and pinking shears. I found some pinking shears on the Hobby Lobby website for $10, but any fabric or craft store would carry them.

I'll probably use a pink damask print fabric similar to this one, because I think it'll coordinate well with their pink vests:

I used 12x12 inch squares for the pocket squares I made, but I read that they're usually anywhere between 10 and 18 inches. I'm not sure what type of fabric is 'best' to use, but I'm just going to look for something wit a silky finish.

David hasn't picked out what his groomsmen will be wearing yet, so they may come with pocket squares. I might still be stubborn and insist on making them, though. I'm only a bride once, right? I think the damask print would look better than a plain one in the same color as the vest. Or maybe I'm just overly obsessed with damask. :)

Do you like the look of pocket squares in place of a boutonniere? Have you ever made your own?


  1. I like the look of both pocket squares and bouts... it just depends I guess. I haven't made my own, but I plan to try and attempt to make the guys bouts for our wedding when the time comes! :)

  2. If I have the time I would like to make my own with dried flowers.

  3. We're doing pocket squares, and I'll be making them just so they match well. We're not going to go with green vests because our green is such a strange color.
    I was just making a bunch of table squares yesterday, and I'll probably just make the pocket squares from the same material.


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