Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Dress for Mom... And One for Me, Too!

I absolutely hate typical 'mother of the bride' dresses. They always seem like they'd be better suited for an elderly grandmother. After seeing the cute dresses my mom found for my brother's wedding last November and my sister's wedding in May, I knew I had nothing to worry about regarding what she would choose. I did mention that I'd prefer neither of our moms wear all black - It just seems too much like a funeral to me. However, my mom loves wearing black, so I knew that was what she'd be drawn to. 

We decided to go shopping on Saturday afternoon and happened to check out the formal wear at Dillards. A lot of their dresses were on clearance, so I think we both tried on about 10 dresses or so! The one she ended up choosing is so pretty - I love it! And, even better, it was marked down all the way to $20.99!

Isn't it perfect? My mom thought maybe a short dress would be better since my bridesmaids will be wearing knee length dresses. (And it will be HOT in June!) I love that it's so flattering and cute! Much better than some floor length skirt and jacket with shoulder pads. David's mom asked my mom and me if we'd go shopping with her to find her dress, so we definitely still plan on doing that. She hates shopping, but she looks good in everything!

I loved 4 or 5 of the dresses I tried on, but I was somehow able to limit myself to one. I think it'll be perfect for a bridal shower (or some other wedding event that I NEED a new dress for!) I love how it looks on, but I'm not talented enough to take a decent picture of myself in it, so this picture will have to do:

I especially love the ruffles at the bottom:

It's OC by Oleg Cassini and it was on sale for $29! I'm so excited to wear it, it's going to be hard to try to save it for next spring/summer! 

Was it a struggle to find a dress both you and your mom liked? Did you end up finding your mom's dress or your shower/rehearsal dresses much earlier than anticipated?


  1. Your moms dress looks great and I love the little ruffles at the bottom of yours. I didn't even get to go shopping with my mom...she came home with one the other day!
    I can't wait to start accumulating "wedding related" dresses =]

  2. Nice dress! Reminds me of the black-red roses in Lea Salonga's bridal bouquet. :-D


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