Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had a wonderful, fun, and safe Halloween! I got to see David, only for about 13 hours, but it was great while it lasted! I think I've mentioned before that he refs a lot of soccer, so we decided to be referees for Halloween. Since he's a referee in real life, he thought he needed to add something to his costume - See if you can figure out what it was...

Haha, we had a great time. It was the first year we wore matching/coordinating costumes, and they were a huge hit. Now I need to catch up on all the school work I put off this weekend. I have some exciting posts to write, too, so hopefully I'm able to do that before I crash.

Did you dress up for Halloween? Did you and your fiance/husband/hunny wear matching/coordinating costumes? If so, what were they?


  1. That's cute! Sad to say, no matching costumes for me and my fiance.. 'sigh!' .... one of the trials of a long distance romance. One of the memorable costumes we wore though was me as wicked witch and him as the prince, in the Snow White play. Isn't it ironic that the prince has chosen the witch over fair Snow White? Lol!

  2. So cute! Hubby and I went as Mario and Luigi. Originally we were going to be Popeye and Olive Oyl but since the weather was less than stellar, we switched at the last minute.

  3. I love the matching costumes! Sadly our costumes were "rabid gator fans" (ie, our normal game day gear) as we were playing the Florida-Georgia game in Jacksonville and thats where all of our time and energy went into :)

  4. Very fun! We coordinated last year, and it was a hit. This year we didn't dress up - boring, I know.

  5. i just posted our halloween pics! i was a ref last year! i kept blowing my whistle!!!


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