Sunday, November 1, 2009

If I Had All the Money in the World...

...I'd buy my bridesmaids these dresses!


I bookmarked the twobirds bridesmaid website (source for all of the pictures) long before I was engaged. I thought convertible dresses were the coolest idea. I still do, but I also know it's $270 for the short version and $290 for the long version. You can wrap the dress-yes, it's all the same dress-in over 15 unique ways and it only comes in 2 sizes: Size A fits 0-14 and Size B fits 16-24. And it's maternity friendly!

I'd never ask my bridesmaids to spend nearly $300 on a dress for my wedding regardless of how many times they'd be able to wear the it, but I still think it's such a cool idea! If only I had the budget to buy one for each of them... And maybe one for myself, too! :)

Have you seen anyone use convertible dresses for their bridesmaid dresses?
Do you have something you'd love to be able to do if your budget allowed?


  1. I've seen the idea before for bridesmaids and I keep thinking that I should buy one for myself and try it out. I wonder how expensive it would be to have them made (you'd get to select your own fabric) versus buying them online.

  2. That said, if you can sew or you know someone who can, here is a tutorial on how to make those dresses:

  3. Oh yes...I have seen those and love the idea of BM's in similar colors but slightly different styles of dresses. I have 6 girls in my BM parade and 1 has a huge chest compared to the others and didn't quite look as flattering in the dress we selected, so she bought a slighlty different version of the dress (same fabric, color and style by same designer) to hold her in better. My daughter (also a BM) also bought a very similar dress (same fabric, style and desinger) as the other 5 girls have but in the color I was hoping they would have all liked. So variation is fun. And like you, I wish I could have afforded to buy their dresses for them. Oh well. :)

  4. Ugh I wanted these dresses so bad! My mom thinks it's totally worth it and thinks I should purchase one for myself for showers/dinner rehearsals whatever. She thinks a black one is perfect to have to wear different ways for so many different events. I couldn't make my bridesmaids purchase it either, that's why I forgot the idea. But David Tertera had them on My Fair Wedding two weeks ago and I fell in love all over again!

  5. Victorias Secret actually has a whole convertible collection, including a dress that looks a lot like these, and it's only $95!

  6. Oh I love the possibilities for those! Those are beautiful! I've never seen any pictures for them though other than what you just provided. As for what I'd have if I had all the money in the world--I'd get married at Devil's Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, CO. I'd wear the Brier Rose dress from Kitty Chen's collection.

    Devil's Thumb Ranch:

    Brier Rose by Kitty Chen Couture:

    Wrapped in Happiness:

  7. I love that you posted this, I was literally on their site a few days ago thinking to myself how cool those dresses are! Its too late for me to change my mind on the BM dresses, but I know if I was a BM in one of my friends' weddings, and she requested us to buy that, I'd be pretty pumped because I could wear it again and again!


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