Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Fabric Effect

I absolutely love the look of draped fabric. One of the first things I thought of after choosing our venue was draping fabric across the room. Our high school always had crazy decorations for homecoming, but every year they had fabric draped so that it looked like the night sky. I loved it!

I wish I had a better picture of it, but you can get the idea if you look at the top of the picture. They have tons of it, since it draped across the whole gym. The woman in charge of decorating for homecoming every year has been a family friend of our's for several years, so I know she'd be more than willing to let us borrow it if we wanted to.

It's just that I've seen so many pictures using white fabric. I think the black would be too dark since the ceilings at our venue aren't nearly as high as the ones in our school's gymnasium. Here's a picture I found on our venue's website of another reception that used draped fabric:


I wish I was able to see the professional pictures from this reception. I bet it was beautiful after it was all set up, and the pictures were probably gorgeous since they were taken with a decent camera.

After searching for more inspiration, I definitely think I'm drawn more to thicker pieces of less sheer fabric, more like this:

Or using more pieces like this:

The transformation in the last one is amazing. It's incredible how big of a difference some fabric makes! My mom and I are going to start looking for fabric (probably chiffon) to go on sale. She knows way more about fabrics than I do, so I think I leave the type of fabric up to her. I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives to chiffon.

If we do decide to drape the fabric like the inspiration pictures I posted, I don't think we'll be able to use the paper lanterns. It would definitely be too busy with both. However, I think it'd be more do-able if we draped the fabric more like this, across the whole length of the room:

*Can you believe that's a garage?!*

What do you think? Can we somehow incoporate both? Or do I need to stick with one or the other?


  1. Ok after I read this, I remembered a link I just have to share with you. This is from a caterer in Tulsa that we're thinking about using. This was in a church gym, it looks amazing! I hope this link works! :)

  2. @ Kristin - Those pictures are awesome! Thanks for the link!

  3. Oh I love that look! I think I'm with you though, I think I like the thicker fabric. What if you used a lot of the lanterns gathered in the center of the room where the fabric meets? Kind of like a chandelier or something? Or maybe you could group them all on an arch? There was a bee who did that. I'll have to try and find that.

    Wrapped in Happiness:


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