Friday, October 16, 2009

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

In honor of Late Night in the Phog tonight (the opening of basketball season at KU) which David and I are going to with 5 of our siblings, I thought I should post about the role that our love for KU will play in our wedding!

David and I have both been lifelong fans of the University of Kansas Jayhawks. My dad, 3 uncles, 2 aunts, 1 sister, and a cousin graduated from KU, and I've known since I was in preschool that I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming of Jayhawk.

*I'm sure I could find a similar picture of David!*

David wanted to go to KU as well, but was offered a scholarship elsewhere that he just couldn't pass up. Although it hasn't exactly been fun being in a long distance relationship for the last almost 2 and a half years, it's taught us a lot about ourselves, has strengthened our relationship, and has set us up well for our future financially. He's still a Jayhawk at heart, though. We've gone to TONS of games together:

At Late Night in high school

A basketball game in high school

First football game as a student!

First Late Night as a student

On Massachusetts Street after winning the 2008 National Championship!

I just have to include this. We watched the National Championship on the big screen in Allen Fieldhouse (the basketball arena) and it was one of the best experiences of my life. When Mario Chalmers hit a three pointer with 3.7 seconds left in regulation to tie the game, the place erupted. It's something I'll never forget. Just watch this video:

And those are just a few of my favorites! (Again, you may note my obsession with taking pictures and documenting every.single.thing in our lives! Oops!) In addition to all of the memories we have at games, a certain very important question happened to be asked on campus at the Campanile:

SO, back to the point of this post, the details. I know I'll have a KU garter, which will be part of my 'something blue,' that will look similar to one of these:


And I really want us to walk into the reception to the fight song:

David's groom cake will definitely reflect his love for KU, but it's going to be a surprise so I can't share it yet. I'm guessing there will be even more details as we continue planning, but these are 3 that I'm sure of at this point.

So that's where I'll be tonight! It's going to be a great season (We're ranked #1 in a few preseason polls!) and Late Night is always so much fun - David and I still get goosebumps every time we're in Allen Fieldhouse!

Do you and your fiance have any favorite teams that will be making an appearance on your big day?


  1. Those garters are so cute! My fiance has a running team comprised of some of his best friends, so my garter will be "Omega Falcon" colors!

  2. What great school pride! My fiance and I are both Florida grads and we love the Gators! I totally feel you with the "goosebumps" feeling, I have all my pictures as a baby gator too :)
    Hope you had fun!


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