Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another One Done

Another one of my bridesmaids, BM S, bought her dress over the weekend! She was visiting a friend in Oklahoma City, so she sent me pictures of each of the dresses she tried on (even though I know anything she picked would've been beautiful!). Here were the 4 options:

Dress 1, which she sent with the caption, "Too much boob?" I told her I loved it, and thought it was great as-is, but that she could add some material there if she was uncomfortable. She decided to buy it and keep looking, "just in case there's something better."

Dress 2 - I thought this one looked so good on her! She liked it, but thought the first one was more fun and flowy, and fancier.

Dress 3 - She didn't say much about this one, so I could tell she didn't really love it. Again, I thought it was super flattering on her!

Dress 4 - We loved the top on this one, and it ended up coming down to this one and the first dress.

She decided on the first dress she tried on, and I love it with the other girls'!

Do I have gorgeous bridesmaids or what?!  My sisters haven't chosen their dresses yet, but I'm sure that they'll all look great together. I'm confident that I made the right choice in having them pick their own dresses! They have great taste!

Were you willing to give up control over the dresses your ladies wore? Did it work out as well for you as it has for me?


  1. Yay for Tulsa, but I can never find cute black dresses like that in Tulsa when I'm home on the weekends! ;-)
    I love that you're letting them all pick their own style of dress that way they can be comfortable!

  2. Oops, it was actually Oklahoma City. :) I'm not sure why I said Tulsa. I can't remember where all she found dresses to try on, but I can ask if you'd like me to!

    Thanks! It's working out even better than I pictured it!


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