Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Will Be Here

Tonight I was talking to my mom about the music choices I blogged about and she had a couple additional requests:

Her first request was that we'd include a hymn somehow because my grandma loves them. I grew up in the Lutheran church, so I have a special fondness for them, too. I have quite a few 'favorites' so we'll definitely find a way to incorporate one of them somehow.

Her other request was so sweet. She said, "I have one more request. Remember the song I Will Be There? During the reception would be ok, but I would be happy if you could add it. I just think it is exactly how your marriage will be." Listen to/read the lyrics of this song, and you'll realize was a compliment that is:

I Will Be Here - Steven Curtis Chapman

In case you don't have time to watch and listen, I'll include the lyrics as well:

Tomorrow morning if you wake up
and the sun does not appear
I will be here
If in the dark, we lose sight of love
Hold my hand, and have no fear
'Cause I will be here

I will be here
When you feel like being quiet
When you need to speak your mind
I will listen
And I will be here
When the laughter turns to cryin'
Through the winning, losing and trying
We'll be together
I will be here

Tomorrow morning, if you wake up
And the future is unclear
I will be here
Just as sure as seasons were made for change
Our lifetimes were made for these years

So I will be here

I will be here
And you can cry on my shoulder
When the mirror tells us we're older
I will hold you
And I will be here
To watch you grow in beauty
And tell you all the things you are to me
I will be here

I will be true to the promise I have made
To you and to the One who gave you to me

Tomorrow morning, if you wake up
And the sun does not appear
I will be here
Oh, I will be here

I love it! I can't wait to find a way to include it as well. Thank you so much, Mom, for having always believed in me and for now believing in us. We both love you!

Did/will anyone have any special requests for your music selections?


  1. I love that song! It gives me goosebumps! Oh, and I have to ask how you got the youtube video on your blog! I tried and can't figure it out!!

  2. It gives me goosebumps too! It's super easy to embed a youtube video. To the right of the video on the youtube website underneath the info, there is a URL link and an Embed link. Just copy the whole Embed link and paste it into your post! :)

  3. I love that song! I really want to use that for our song, but the FI relates it to his sister's wedding, where it was sung. For a while, everytime I was mad at him, this song came on!

  4. Just reading through your old posts, I have to say, I love Stephen Curtis Chapman!


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