Friday, October 30, 2009

What's One More Project?

I've had this picture saved in my inspiration folder for quite some time now. I just love it!

*I don't have the source - Sorry!*

I don't think it'd be too terribly hard to do, especially if we were able to just prop the letters up against something. I think all it would take is a big sheet of plywood, a saw, and some white spray paint. I'm thinking maybe we could cover the sign in front of our venue with something (fabric?) and prop the letters up against it. That way they'd somewhat serve a purpose - Letting people know they've come to the right place! :)

My own photo. Sorry for the poor quality -
I think I took it as I was driving, and I edited out the text on the sign

Ok, you're gonna have to pretend with me on this one. I attempted to put the letters in front of the sign like we would have them and I tried to make it look darker, closer to what it will look like the evening of our reception. What do you think?

It would be the right initials of course and we'd need some sort of spotlight, but I think I like it. This is another one of those fairly inexpensive, fairly easy projects that would have a big impact! (I'm a big fan of those, in case you can't tell!) 

What do you think? Would it be a worthwhile to at least attempt it? Do you have a favorite inspiration picture that you're going to try to recreate?


  1. This is a very cute idea. I'm not a fan of working with wood that needs to be cut (I'm a sissy), but it's sooooo cute that it's worth a shot! There was a picture in a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine with a wall of paper streamers in our colors that I will try to recreate. :)

  2. Laura! That's so cool! I love that idea. I'm adding that photo to my inspiration folder too. You with all these ideas I love :) I guess the only thing I would be concerned about, people may need the church sign though to find the right place. Unless that's the only church on the street? Do you think the church would let you cover up the sign too though? I really love it, you just might need to check with the church.

    Wrapped in Happiness:

  3. @ Crystal - I'm a sissy too! I'll have my dad or David do it! Haha :)

    @ Sara - Oh, sorry! That's our reception hall, not our church. I think we'll probably put some signs at the intersection it's at too so that people will be able to find the right place (and where to park). They don't have lights on the sign at night, so I'm not sure how useful it would be even if it wasn't covered. I'll be sure to check with our venue to make sure they don't have a problem, though!


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