Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Love Like That

I spent the weekend with my mom and lots of other relatives as my grandpa had surgery on Friday and was in the hospital over the weekend. Although the surgery was fairly risky, he's doing great and should be home by tomorrow morning. I blogged previously about my grandparents and the fact that they've been married for just over 61 years. They've stood by each other through thick and thin and my mom shared a story with me this weekend that made me tear up and pray that David and I will share a love like this.

Several years ago my grandma was hospitalized for several weeks. I was fairly young, and can't remember exactly what the doctor's ended up diagnosing her with, but I remember how scared we all were that we were going to lose her. My grandpa stayed by her side nearly every night. One evening he was going to drive home and get a change of clothes (probably a 45 minute drive) and then turn right back around and go back. My aunt was there with my grandma, and assured my grandpa that everything would be fine. Shortly after my grandpa left, my grandma woke up and became almost frantic. She asked repeatedly, "Where's my Bud? I need my Bud!" (My grandpa goes by Bud, although I don't actually know where the nickname came from. EDIT: My wonderful momma just told me my grandpa's sister called him 'Buddy' when he was little and it just stuck!) My aunt tried to calm her down and told her that he'd be right back, but she became almost hysterical. My aunt ended up having to call my grandpa, and she said he must have turned around and flown the whole way back, because he was there before she knew it. As soon as my grandma heard my grandpa's cowboy boots coming down the hallway, she said "That's my Bud!" and was fine.

I teared up as my mom told that story. Neither of them show their emotions much, so it was so sweet to hear. Even if their love isn't always spoken, it's definitely shown. Their love is so evident, even after 61 years, whether you see it through the way they're always there for each other or the way my grandpa always offers my grandma his arm to give her the support she now needs to walk.

I want a love like that.

A more current picture of them than their wedding picture I previously posted :)


  1. such a sweet story - my grandmas are all now widows, it so endearing to hear a story like your grandparents. I pray we each have a love story like theirs :) Also, prayers for a speedy recovery for your grandpa!

  2. what a beautiful story! I can totally see why you teared up. Something to aspire to for sure!


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